Automated Business Performance Analytics, KPI Monitoring
and National Veterinary Benchmarks

The Profitdiagnostix integration automatically drops your ezyVet and accounting data into one system that will generate insightful reports, benchmarks and measurements against any product or service target you set.

Utilize accounting specialists to obtain reports and KPIs relevant to your business from day one directly off your ezyVet data, while saving yourself from the hassle of fiddling with the data and technology.

Region(s) available: Australia & New Zealand

What is Profitdiagnostix?

Profitdiagnostix provides access to national veterinary benchmarks and accounting level performance analytics for veterinary practices that want guidance on business areas to focus on.




How your business and practice will benefit

    • Get help from leading accounting experts and advisors who are familiar with the veterinary industry
    • Benchmark yourself against national averages and anything you invoice
    • Calculate and compare how your COGS, wages, expenses and profitability stack up against similar practices in your region
    • Measure staff performance and productivity
    • Obtain clear financial reports and projections

Here’s an webinar co-hosted by ezyVet and Profitdiagnostix.¬†

With COVID-19 and a potential economic recession on the horizon, this is a particularly apt time to better understand your business’ financial metrics. Topics covered include:

– The 5 important KPIs every practice needs to be across
– What to consider when making business decisions in the potential economic recession
– Metrics to look for to see if your business is being affected and the actions to take to maintain profitability
– Customer Panel with Mike Mesley, Snowy Vets

Get started

  • To give you a feel of how the integration works, a free 30 day trial is available for all ezyVet customers.
    Profitdiagnostix will fully support you with the integration set up on both ends.

Contact Profitdiagnostix to start your free 30 day trial