Claims decisions within minutes!

Grow your insured client base and manage eClaims all within ezyVet.

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Grow your insured client base and manage eClaims all within ezyVet.

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Focus on the medicine, not the money

Thousands of practices have benefited from using Trupanion's payment solution*

Exam Day Offers

A few clicks from the ezyVet dashboard issues uninsured clients Trupanion's Exam Day Offer.

Manage claims in ezyVet

Send Trupanion claims and view claim status directly from ezyVet patient records.


Provide clients with peace of mind and allow veterinarians to practice their best medicine while boosting client conversation.

Direct payments in seconds

Trupanion can pay your hospital directly at time of checkout, eliminating the need for client reimbursement.

Save time

No paperwork hassle or double data entry on two platforms — manage it all within ezyVet!

More care provided

Trupanion-insured pets visit 2x as often.*

Increase revenue

Lower credit card fees with direct deposit — up to 90% savings on fees.

Increase pharmacy sales

90% of Trupanion-insured clients fill prescriptions in-house.

Best-in-class service

Local, concierge-style service, our Territory Partners support you in person. Trupanion support is available 24/7/365.

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ezyVet + Trupanion - How it works

ezyVet's integration with Trupanion makes it even easier for your clients to get Trupanion patient insurance. Insurance eligibility information, such as pet species, breed, and age will seamlessly flow between platforms removing the need to enter patient data twice.

Practice staff will be able to use ezyVet to:

  • Pass pet owner details (with their approval) directly to Trupanion via the dashboard
  • Access client and patient insurance program information
  • Create and send claims as part of their clinical workflow
  • Check in on Trupanion settled claims deposits via the eClaims record
  • Process claims for pre-approval to let clients know what they'll be covered for

About Trupanion

Trupanion is a group of pet lovers like you. And they don’t just appreciate the work you do for pets; they're dedicated to supporting it. That’s why they've revolutionized medical insurance for pets by eliminating the traditional reimbursement model and can pay hospitals directly at checkout.

  • Over $507 million in claims paid directly to partners hospitals
  • Over 1.5 million claims paid through Trupanion's software
  • Over 1.29 million pets enrolled as of December 2021

*Based on internal Trupanion data

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