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Simplified invoicing and transactions 

The complete suite of billing and invoicing tools to streamline your practice's invoicing workflows

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Proactive pricing made perfect 

ezyVet provides the ultimate way to manage your practice’s pricing. Simplify complex billing using ezyVet's enhanced product bundles, and take advantage of mark-up and fixed pricing functionality to keep your customers loyal and your revenue humming. Don’t let pricing impact your clients’ decisions about animal care or the financial viability of your business.

Invoicing Accept payments from wherever your customers are

Accept payments from wherever your customers are 

The way clients pay their bills is changing. ezyVet offers a secure way to facilitate remote payments, making it as easy as online shopping. Clients simply pay their bill through a secure payment link, which can be sent via SMS or email. Remote Payments help to eliminate the risk of human error and free up your time to focus on other key areas of the business.

Invoicing Transactions Integrated Pet Insurance

Spend less time on paperwork with integrated pet insurance

Focus on your passion for taking care of animals - not the mundane insurance paperwork. Between general health checks and surgeries, pet insurance can be the deciding factor between getting to perform life-saving surgery and having to (reluctantly) turn the customer away. With ezyVet's electronic claim service, you can send an insurance claim at the touch of a button, making paperwork obsolete.

Invoicing Transactions Complete control financial docs

Complete control with customizable financial documents 

Enhance the client experience with a cutting-edge templating system and use the advanced features to create a pricing structure that suits all practice sizes. Customize your financial templates such as Statements, Invoices, Payment Receipts, and Estimates to suit your unique needs with clean formatting and branding. Improve the end-to-end experience without the extra work - all documents are automatically personalized based on the client’s details.

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