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With a hectic day-to-day and most of your work on the road, it’s important that wherever you are you can easily and efficiently manage your schedule, data, medical notes, invoices, payments and more. Operate your practice while on the road and never spend the end of a long day entering information again. It works offline, then sync’s back to the system when you come back into network coverage.

Why choose ezyVet

Automate manual processes

Access anywhere, anytime

All-in-one and easy to use

Go paperless

Attract and retain customers

No missed charges

Features mobile vets can’t live without

  • Automated Billing Triggers
  • Scheduling
  • Reminders & Automated Communications
  • Clinical Record

More great features

Clinical Record

Our clinical module has been developed in collaboration with experienced vets. It records patient details in a customized, easy to report and communicate format.


Speed up clinical exams with a comprehensive template system utilizing picklists and shorthand.

Inventory Management

Have full visibility and control of your inventory. Simply configure products...

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Working remotely as a mobile equine vet

Working as a mobile vet, there’s typically no internet access available. Being able to now use ezyVet remotely helps Starwood Equine manage rural visits and emergency response work. We talk to Dr Kelly Zeytoonian about the way automation is making her life easier, allowing her to complete her management and veterinary tasks in a much quicker manner, giving her time back to share with the pups.


Reasons you'll love ezyVet


Run your business from anywhere, on any internet-connected device (phone, tablet, computer), all you need is a browser. No server backups required and be delighted by automatic product updates.

Unlimited 24/7 support

Customers benefit from email, phone and ticket support, provided by a knowledgeable round-the-clock Support Team, as well as online help guides. All at no extra cost.

Connect your entire practice

Our ecosystem of trusted partners makes it easy to integrate ezyVet to all of your business partners, tools and software that you love and use every day.

“In one fell swoop, I’ve gone from having to send individual statements to each client in separate emails, to being able to select anybody that has an account receivable. This is great because instead of catching up on work over the weekend, the software is now giving me my free time back.”

Dr Kelly Zeytoonian

Starwood Equine, DVM & wildlife response volunteer

Take your practice further with ezyVet Go

An app that simplifies and automates the consult workflow for equine vets using ezyVet, ensuring notes and charges don't get missed.

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The reliable software behind Penny Paws’ growth from 4 to 46 locations in 4 years

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Working remotely as a mobile equine vet

Dr Kelly Zeytoonian shares how automation is allowing her to complete her management & veterinary tasks quicker, giving her time back to share with the pups.

  • Dr Kelly Zeytoonian
  • Starwood Equine
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