Business expansion with ezyVet made easy

The reliable software behind Penny Paws’ growth from 4 to 46 locations in 4 years

Since Penny Paws jumped on board with ezyVet in early 2017, they have grown from 4 to 46 locations. With the support of their large fleet of mobile vaccination trucks, they service key areas across Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Abilene. With a new building on the way, Penny Paws’ Hospital Administrator Kat Basye, shares how certain ezyVet features and a solid integration with payment provider PayJunction has helped them go from strength to strength.

Kat: We’re in the business of helping people. We do help pets, but we recognize that it's the person at the end of the leash that’s the one making the final decision about their pet’s care. 

We have been with ezyVet for four years and have never looked back. With Penny Paws growing at such a rapid rate, we require software we can rely on. It's very straightforward whenever we open a new clinic because we already have our templates and our workflow set up in ezyVet. Everything from pricing to products can be copied over from our original setup to our new location. We know what works for us in already established locations which means we can get our new locations up and running much faster to be able to help more people and pets.

Penny Paws Animal Clinic Front

Kat: One thing that I really like is ezyVet’s automated reminders. On busy days when receptionists don’t get a chance to call clients to remind them of their appointments, we send a text reminder instead. The client receives a text which they can reply with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to confirm. They’ll also receive an email notification with appointment information as well. These communication methods reduce phone traffic checking for our location, appointment times etc.

Being fully integrated with payment provider PayJunction has been a game changer for us as we’re now able to check out clients right in the treatment room. This has alleviated the stress of clients having to wait at the front desk, in between wrangling their dogs under one arm, and their kids under the other, as they wait for a receptionist to free up and check them out. With this integration, payment is completed in the room and the client is free to leave our practice as soon as they get checked out.

It's very straightforward whenever we open a new clinic because we already have our templates and our workflow set up in ezyVet.

Kat Basye

Hospital Administrator, Penny Paws

Penny Paws Staff

Kat: All of our clinics are Fear Free, and all team members are Fear Free certified. This means we’re equipped with the skills and knowledge on how to create a better and calmer experience for both clients and pets when they arrive at our clinic. We understand that there's a true connection between that person and their pet. We do our best to honor and celebrate the human animal bond from the moment that they come into the world as a tiny little puppy to the moment that they have to say goodbye.

Dr. Kelton Ely: It’s more than just dogs and cats. We have to be really passionate about what we offer to people because pets can't treat themselves. Therefore, it's really important to have a good relationship with people as well.