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Double X Veterinary Services, located in Sunset, Texas, has been a staple in the equestrian community since its inception in the mid-90s. Initially specializing exclusively in equine care, the practice expanded its services to include small animal care four years ago.

In 2022, the practice decided to upgrade its practice management system from DVMAX to ezyVet. We caught up with Practice Manager Stephanie Tomeu to learn more about the transition and what’s changed since moving to a cloud-based system.

Server-based system starts to show its age

With a focus on performance horses and French Bulldogs, Double X Veterinary Services serves a diverse clientele, from local residents to competitive equestrians across the United States. Dr. Don Lee, one of the practice's large animal vets, is a familiar face in the horse racing scene, and regularly serves as the on-site veterinarian at the immensely popular Pink Buckle and Ruby Buckle barrel races.

For years, the practice was powered by DVMAX, a server-based practice management system. While the system was originally a good fit, challenges began to arise as the business evolved. After joining Double X Veterinary Services in 2020, Stephaine soon identified key inefficiencies with the system.

“It was pretty outdated,” recalled Stephanie. “There was a lot of back and forth in the software - I felt like it was hard to get around in. It didn't flow very easily. It didn't feel like you had access to everything. You had to jump from one spot to another to get the information that you were looking for.”

Scheduling appointments was cumbersome, reporting was clunky, and the user interface made it difficult to manage accounts efficiently. Stephanie, driven by a desire to modernize clinic operations, spearheaded the transition despite initial apprehensions from the clinic's owner. After speaking to several practices that were using ezyVet, Stephanie became increasingly confident that switching to ezyVet would be the best move for the business.

Navigating the transition

Double X Veterinary Services vet tech with horse

Double X Veterinary Services switched to ezyVet in December 2022. The ezyVet implementation team spent three days on-site at the practice, assisting with technical configuration and providing training to ensure a smooth transition.

“Our implementer, Dakota Broach, was amazing. She set up weekly meetings and would go over everything that I needed to know. She set up our custom templates and walked everybody through the software. She got everyone on the same page. She was amazing. Absolutely amazing,” said Stephanie.

The practice’s attachments were a key focus during the migration. In the past, Double X Veterinary Services had relied heavily on paper-based processes. The veterinarians would use a printed clinical template when examining a patient, fill out the template by hand, and scan the document into DVMAX as an attachment. Given that Don typically saw at least 25 patients a day, it was critical that all of the historical attachments were transferred successfully to ezyVet.

The migration was a success. Under Dakota’s guidance, the transition went smoothly, and all historical attachments were successfully converted and fully accessible inside ezyVet.

Finding efficiency in the cloud

Double X Veterinary Services team

Migrating to ezyVet has given the Double X Veterinary Services team access to a wide range of new features that were not available on DVMAX. The cloud-based nature of ezyVet allows for real-time updates and remote access to patient records, streamlining workflows and enhancing collaboration among staff.

“There are so many things that we weren't able to do on DVMAX that we can do on ezyVet. It’s made all our jobs a lot easier,” said Stephanie.

That’s particularly true when it comes to accessing and sharing information. Patient records, invoices, and other documents can be sent directly to clients from inside ezyVet - a welcome change from DVMAX, which required staff to print, download, and scan documents before they could be emailed.

“We were so excited about the fact that the X-rays [uploaded] right into the patient's file. It was something we just didn't have before. When we go to send the records, the X-rays are there, all in one place. We can email them directly from the system. It’s so simple,” said Stephanie.

Reducing the administrative burden has not only allowed the team to focus more on delivering quality care and personable service, but it’s also helped the practice take more bookings.

“We can see so many more patients because they're not stuck at the front while we’re trying to check them out. We can take more phone calls because it's easy to set up an appointment. It's easy to set up a customer, so you can take more phone calls. Tests are easy to run and it’s easy to get the results. Everything is just at your fingertips.”

ezyVet reporting makes payroll “100 times better”

Puppies in trolley

Another area of the business that has changed significantly since moving to ezyVet is reporting. Like many veterinary practices, Double X Veterinary Services depends on accurate reporting to identify revenue streams, track expenses, and monitor the financial health of the clinic.

ezyVet has also simplified the practice’s payment processes. For instance, several of the clinic's veterinarians are compensated based on a percentage of paid invoices. According to Stephanie, navigating that process in DVMAX was cumbersome, prone to errors, and generally “a nightmare.” Now, with ezyVet's advanced reporting capabilities, Stephanie can easily track payment dates and accurately manage payroll, ensuring that each vet is paid correctly and on time.

“It’s made payroll 100 times better because it's so much easier to find invoicing information. I can see what date we got the payment and exactly which invoices that payment went to. It just makes it so much simpler.”

Trusting in innovation

Disrupting the status quo isn’t easy. Despite the uncertainty that comes with change, Stephanie held tight to her vision of a new, modern, and efficient practice management system - and it’s that commitment to innovation that encouraged her team to take a chance on ezyVet.

As Double X Veterinary Services continues to grow and expand its services to include equine reproduction, the practice can feel confident that it has the right practice management system in place to achieve its future business goals.

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