Mindful May

Every May we dedicate a month of learning to mindfulness, wellbeing and self-care. Our goal is to bring veterinary communities together from far and wide to share, learn and connect. Change is now.

Being Resilient with Dr. Megan Alderson, Dr. Sarah Hoggan and Andy Green

The veterinary industry is changing. To discuss those changes, we’re joined by Dr. Megan Alderson, Practice Owner and Co-founder of vetThrive; Dr. Sarah Hoggan, Medical Director and accomplished TEDx speaker; and Dr. Andy Green, People Director at Pennard Vets, the largest employee-owned veterinary group in the world.

Together, they'll navigate the evolving landscape of veterinary medicine and why it’s never been more important to be resilient in the face of change. Learn how to strengthen client relationships, get practical tips on leveraging technology for efficiency gains, and find out how empowering staff can help drive retention.


Caring for the Carer with Dr. Helene Seljenes Dalum

Dive into the heart of veterinary care as Dr. Helene Seljenes Dalum shares critical insights on organizational dynamics and their impact on mental wellbeing. Explore theoretical work models shaping the industry and gain invaluable perspectives from the groundbreaking NORVET study, which has shed new light on mental health in the veterinary sector. Don't miss this opportunity to prioritize your wellbeing and gain practical strategies for self-care.


Healthy communication starts within with Dr. Tessa Plagis

Uncover the key to healthy communication. Drawing on her experience as an advisor at St. Anna Advies and co-owner of the groundbreaking Veterinary DialogueTrainer, Dr. Tessa Plagis offers a unique perspective on how communication shapes the veterinary workplace. Discover how the language you use to communicate with others - and yourself! - impacts your relationships and learn how the simple act of talking can help cultivate a healthier workplace.


Staff retention: The power of positive practice culture

We’ve brought together some of the most respected figures in the veterinary wellness space to explore one of the most pressing issues facing the veterinary industry. Join Chankia Berry, Marie Holowaychuk, Olivia Oginska, Andy Green and Sarah Hoggan, for a lively discussion on the staff shortage crisis and how cultivating a positive work environment can help practices attract and retain talent in an ultra-competitive labor market. Expect fresh insights and proven strategies you can start using immediately to elevate your workplace culture and increase staff retention.


Thriving through the power of self-awareness

Dr. Olivia Oginska is an experienced veterinary surgeon, emotional intelligence and positive psychology coach, and prolific international keynote speaker. This Mindful May, join Liv as she shares her expertise on the power of emotional intelligence and reveals how cognitive and emotional self-awareness shape the veterinary workplace.
Discover how you can develop a stronger sense of emotional intelligence, remove mental blind spots, and build a psychologically safe workplace culture that supports clinical performance and team wellbeing.


Calling all Vet Techs! Answers from the frontlines

Peter Carlos, AKA Vet Tech Pete, has garnered a huge following on TikTok for his light-hearted perspective on the reality of daily life as a veterinary technician. Join us in this exclusive interview as Peter reveals what fuels his passion as an RVT and how the simple idea of making a few videos to brighten up his colleagues’ days escalated into a viral sensation that brings joy to millions of veterinary professionals all around the world.


Mindful self-care for managing burnout

Dr. Marie Holowaychuk is a board-certified small animal emergency and critical care specialist, and a passionate champion for wellness in the veterinary field. For more than 15 years Marie has been speaking to audiences around the world, drawing on her personal experiences and evidence-based information to empower veterinary professionals to take ownership of their personal and professional wellbeing. Expect honest conversation, confronting questions, and practical wellness strategies you can start incorporating immediately into your daily routine.


From victim to victor

Dr. Andy Green is a highly experienced small animal veterinarian, a transformational change leader, and a regular speaker at schools, conferences, and veterinary events. A certified neuro strategist, Andy has spent the last 15 years exploring the world of personal development and helping equip veterinary professionals with the tools they need to thrive. Join Andy for a lively discussion on the challenges of clinical life and discover how building healthy habits can set you up for long-term success in the veterinary industry.


Turning challenges into opportunities

Sarah Hoggan is a well-respected DVM, an accomplished TEDx speaker, and a fierce campaigner for wellbeing within the veterinary industry, all whilst practicing at a busy emergency hospital in California. In this webinar, she shares her vast experience of clinical life and how the good days outweigh the difficult ones. During her talk, she shares ideas you can bring into your workplace to make a positive step toward mindfulness within the veterinary industry.


Making veterinary hospitals a better place to work, one step at a time

Megan Alderson, veterinarian and practice owner, and Shalsee Vigeant, BSc, DVM and TEDx Speaker, are passionate advocates and leaders of creating mindfulness within the veterinary industry. In this webinar, they discuss the importance of mindfulness in the workplace and what they have implemented into their clinics that have proven to cause positive change for their entire team.


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response."

Viktor Frankl

Neurologist and Holocaust survivor,

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