We are dedicating the month of May to mindfulness and wellbeing. Bringing veterinary communities together from far and wide to share, learn and connect. Change is now.

Turning challenges into opportunities

Sarah Hoggan is a well-respected DVM, an accomplished TEDx speaker, and a fierce campaigner for wellbeing within the veterinary industry, all whilst practicing at a busy emergency hospital in California. Join her as she shares her vast experience of clinical life and how her good days always outweigh the difficult ones. During her talk, she will share what areas you can start implementing into your workplace to make a positive step toward mindfulness within the veterinary industry.

Making veterinary hospitals a better place to work, one step at a time

Megan Alderson, veterinarian and practice owner, and Shalsee Vigeant, BSc, DVM and TEDx Speaker, are passionate advocates and leaders of creating mindfulness within the veterinary industry. During their talk, they will discuss the importance of mindfulness in the workplace and what they have implemented into their clinics that have proven to cause positive change for their entire team.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response."

Viktor Frankl

Neurologist and Holocaust survivor,

How do you practice mindfulness in your workplace?

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MBSR TRAINING (Mindful Based Stress Reduction)

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