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ezyVet Go is an app that simplifies and automates the consult workflow for large animal and equine vets using ezyVet, ensuring notes and charges don’t get missed.

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Key Benefits


Offline access to your appointments and patient information allows you to make better informed decisions while you’re on the go.


Easily capture your notes and charges while you’re on the go, avoiding missed revenue.


Your notes & charges are automatically added to a draft invoice, ready to sync back to ezyVet when you come back online.

Features you'll love

  • View and create appointments
  • View patient clinical and financial history
  • Multiple patient control
  • Capture notes and charges
  • View draft invoices totals
  • Sync data back to ezyVet

Discover the benefits of ezyVet Go

Start operating at your full potential today.


Save time by automating manual processes and reducing administration. Giving you time to focus on what matters.


Improve your bottom line and the overall health of your business by attracting and retaining clients.


Deliver great customer service and provide your clients with excellence in all aspects of veterinary care.

ezyVet Go updates

We frequently release improvements to the ezyVet Go app. Recent updates include:

  • A new billing trigger can automatically use the same date as the related appointment
  • Updates to data syncing and updated search for faster, more relevant results
  • iPad specific mass billing screen added (All Products)
  • You can access ezyVet customer support and product documentation from the app directly
  • When you make an appointment, you can only select patients that are not deceased
  • For appointment types that don’t need a clinical record or patient when the appointment is made, ezyVet Go tells you when to add this information and will generate a clinical record

Check for updates on your device or see the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to update your app.

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ezyVet Go is an add-on available for smartphones and tablet devices (Android & IOS) that simplifies the consult workflow for large animal & equine vets, ensuring notes & charges don’t get missed. To try ezyVet Go, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.