Build a custom integration

Can’t find the integration you’re looking for? Create your own! Connect your ezyVet data with the tools you already use today, using ezyVet’s API.

Powerful reporting & KPIs

Use ezyVet’s API for customized reporting into a data warehouse or set up your own customized KPI reporting.

Connect to your own tools

Connect your ezyVet data to your own tools - you choose what parts of your data these tools can read and write to. You may have your own app and want to not only read data from ezyVet but also publish data back to it.

See how other practices are using ezyVet’s API

“With our previous software, there were always key features missing. When we went to evaluate ezyVet, we determined quickly that many of the things that we were having to build ourselves are built into ezyVet. We were able to utilize those features and peel ours away from the system. From the time we got started, we were provided API documents that were very clear and explained the technical aspects of the software and how to use it. Through the API documents, we realized the full potential of ezyVet and were able to accomplish the things we needed to make the software perform. We effectively adapted ezyVet to fit our unique business needs.”

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Start building an integration

Connect your ezyVet data with the tools you already use today by leveraging the ezyVet API.

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“Every decision we make is centered around how our partnership can better serve the veterinary community. Together, we provide a completely contactless, tech-forward and customer-centric solution thanks to sophisticated APIs and highly-rated support teams at both organizations.”

  • Casey Russell
  • Sales Manager


“ezyVet is the first practice management system we've encountered offering a quality API, allowing third party tools to interact with veterinary practice data. The API is well documented and the development team has also been very proactive in assisting with the integration with our product.”

  • Paolo Lencioni
  • DVM & Senior Accountant at APL Accountants

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