Cloud software

Hardware Requirements

It is very important to ensure that your IT/Technology infrastructure is suitable for ezyVet to run optimally after implementation go-live. ✅

Our suggested hardware requirements

Run your practice from anywhere, anytime. ezyVet’s cloud-based solution is available 24/7/365 from any device with a web browser. You can easily access ezyVet from your smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet, laptop or desktop computer (Windows, macOS or Chromebook).

1. Internet Requirements

Internet is one of the most important components for a cloud-based application like ezyVet. You will require a quality internet connection (in terms of stability) that is properly filtered with a reliable provider. If you believe your internet connection does not meet these requirements, please either contact your IT provider or the ezyVet team to discuss options.

1.1 Minimum download speed:

  • Small practice: 5-10mbps will suffice
  • Large practice / hospitals: we recommend 20-30mbps+

If you have any of the issues below, please let us know before you go live with ezyVet, they can nearly always be sorted out.

2. Computer Requirements

As ezyVet is a cloud-based product, the performance requirements of the device are minimal, however, the newer and faster the devices are, the faster ezyVet will operate. If you are replacing any devices, we recommend you consider the following minimum specifications:

2.1 Processor

i5 Processor or i7 recommended (the newer/faster, the better).

2.2 Memory

4 GB recommended for Windows.
4 GB recommended for macOS.

2.3 Operating System

Windows 10 or higher, or the latest version of macOS.

An IDEXX VetConnect PLUS account allows you a 2-way integration with the IDEXX VetLab Station from any operating system.

However, please note the compatibility requirements for the following integrations:

  • Whilst Abaxis Fuse allows for a two-way integration, if you don’t have Abaxis Fuse and would like to use the Abaxis one-way integration, please note it is only compatible with Windows 7.
  • Both the Heska one-way and two-way integration are compatible with Window 7 or newer.

2.4 Hard-drive

No specific requirements, although solid state drive recommended.

2.5 Monitor

22-inch screens or larger are recommended for ease of use due to quantity of information being displayed.

2.6 Other Software & Applications

Adobe PDF Reader and Microsoft Office (or similar) recommended for further analysis of reporting.

2.7 Antivirus Software

We recommend using an antivirus that is not too invasive of the web browser.

3. Backup Internet (Optional)

It can be a good idea to consider a backup internet connection via a cell phone network provider. These are fairly inexpensive and provide instant backup if your internet ever had an issue. You could also use a data plan from your smartphone device as a backup.

It is not expensive these days to purchase routers that are suitably built to have cellular redundancy and automatically switch to this where required. Please see your IT provider for details.

4. Recommended Printers, Hardware, and Consumables

4.1 Label Printer

Dymo Label Writer (Recommended).

4.2 Labels

Thermal Direct (Removable) 70×54 Recommended.

4.3 Barcode Labels (Optional)

Thermal Direct (Removable) 31x22x3 across.

4.4 Barcode Scanner (Optional)

Any USB barcode scanner will be compatible.

4.5 If using any of the following in-house machines:

  • Zoetis Vetscan FUSE
  • Heska

There needs to be a computer close to the machine with Internet access.

The computer needs to have a static IP address.

Firewall exceptions will need to be set for ezyVet software.

5. Recommended Payment Solutions

  • PayJunction - ezyVet is a certified PayJunction partner for the United States.
  • Windcave - ezyVet is a certified Windcave partner for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

Disclaimer: ezyVet do not get involved specifically with Hardware/Technology/Networks/Internet Connections and do not employ people on the helpdesk or implementation teams who are suitably skilled or equipped to provide suitable answers and resolutions. ezyVet does have people on staff who can help measure and advise your technology provider how to configure and test the infrastructure to ensure success when using ezyVet.