Streamline your payment processing in ezyVet with PayJunction

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Streamline your payment processing in ezyVet with PayJunction

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Collect payments remotely

Keep clients happy and streamline new workflows, such as curbside or telehealth, by offering secure online payment options through text or email.

Take contactless payments

Initiate payments from any computer to our customer-facing terminal where clients never need to touch the device.

Eliminate data errors

Eliminate transposition errors and be more efficient by processing, voiding and refunding payments all from within ezyVet.

Store accounts on file

Safely store client's payment information on file for future use, such as recharging or refunding.

Manage wellness plans

Use client information on file to collect payment on a wellness plan.

Customer portal access

Direct clients to your online patient portal to pay invoices for appointment fees or outstanding balances.

Quick daily reconciliation

Run the ezyVet end-of-day wizard and PayJunction batch report for quick EOD close.

Go fully paperless

Enjoy a paperless processing environment just like that of ezyVet.

Quality customer support

Get hands-on support from start to finish from an award-winning team.

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About PayJunction

PayJunction provides veterinary practices with solutions that make it easy to accept credit and debit card payments in-store, online and on-the-go. Their innovative services include a completely contactless payment system for customers paying in person, as well as eco-friendly remote payment options. PayJunction's solution simplifies accounting, boosts productivity, meets consumer expectations and lowers costs. PayJunction is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA. Honesty and integrity are part of every interaction with customers and award-winning team members.

Payments simplified

When you make a payment record in ezyVet, the payment details will be sent straight through to the terminal (or remote payment method) ready for your client to pay. Once the payment has been received, PayJunction will then return that information to ezyVet and mark the payment transaction as complete.

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