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The more you know, the better you grow

Increase practice profitability with a bird’s-eye view of key business performance metrics

Business Reporting Break it down and increase business performance

Break it down and increase business performance

Gain an in-depth overview of how your practice runs on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Use ezyVet’s robust reporting modules to analyze your average invoice amount and stay up to date with your active clients, or go deeper and break the numbers down by vet, product groups, appointment types, and other core KPI's. Compare revenue year after year, and identify high- and low-performing business areas to focus your attention.

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Free up administration with automated reports

Stop wasting time on mundane administrative tasks and capitalize on the unbeatable efficiency benefits that come with ezyVet's industry-leading technology. Increase practice efficiencies through advanced analytic automation. Define your report filters, reporting frequency, and never miss a report again as ezyVet automatically sends your reports directly to key stakeholders as often as you like. Simply set and forget.

Bus Management Boost profitability with a clear overview of practice performance

Boost profitability with a clear overview of practice performance

Stay in tune with the most profitable areas of your business. Use ezyVet's reporting module to tap into your business’ analytics, get complete visibility of your cash flow, and discover your top performers. The additional insight into your practice gives you the ability to pour the right resources into the right areas of your business, providing a vital opportunity to increase overall revenue.

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Let ezyVet's automation engine do the heavy lifting

Utilize ezyVet's data tagging system to tag and track the different data elements across your practice: clients, patients, products, and the rest. Deep dive into the data and report on just about any business metric you can think of, with 78 reporting options at your disposal. View the report directly or have them emailed straight to your key stakeholders' inboxes.

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