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Automation Effective Communication with Streamlined Automation

Effective communication with streamlined automation

Automated communication and variable-driven message templates ensure that important appointment reminders, updates, and product promotions reach your clients at the right time. Reduce missed appointments, improve customer care, and watch revenue skyrocket.

Advanced templating system

Get home on time with an advanced templating system

Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. With a world-leading templating system at your side, it’s a breeze to boost consistency and efficiency practice-wide. Communications, clinical records, invoices, day-to-day record keeping - no matter the process, ezyVet templates are built from the ground up to simplify your workflows. That means more time to see patients and more time to watch your business grow.

Clinical Automation Missed Charges

No more missed charges, watch your revenue skyrocket

Get automated with ezyVet's robust automatic charge capture solution, which ensures accuracy, saves time, and boosts your revenue. Simply configure your ezyVet site to automatically invoice out appointments and apply discounts, and create pre-configured templates to automatically bill. ezyVet's charge capture is just one easy way you can make missed charges a thing of the past.

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