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Offer world-class care to referring partners and customers

Be at the forefront of technology adoption and offer world-class care to your many referring partners and customers. ezyVet will help you achieve intense caseloads, exceptional service, maximum efficiency, cohesive communication with referring partners and high standard of care.

Why choose ezyVet?

Automate manual processes

Access anywhere, anytime

All-in-one and easy to use

Go paperless

Attract and retain customers

No missed charges

Features specialty clinics can’t live without

  • Clinical Record
  • Advanced & Automated Reporting
  • Templates
  • Automated Billing Capture
  • Client Communications
  • Telemedicine

More great features


Manage your time more effectively with real-time calendar bookings. Simple colors, status flags and icons help you increase clinic outputs.

Customer Portal

With ezyVet’s integrated customer portal, clients can access their clinical data, financial history and book new appointments online.

Inventory Management

Have full visibility and control of your inventory. Simply configure products...

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Taking on the future with ezyVet

Based in sunny Orange County, California, Dr Tony Cambridge and the Veterinary Surgical Specialists team support local primary care veterinarians by providing the very best surgical expertise in orthopedic, soft tissue, neurologic, oncologic and cardiothoracic procedures. Tony and the team sought a flexible solution that would automate out manual processes and collate results from lab equipment. With ezyVet, they’ve unified a jumble of separate applications, streamlining them into a single clear picture.

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Reasons you'll love ezyVet

Comprehensive onboarding

We understand the transition to a new Practice Management System is no small feat, so we’re with you every step of the way. Our Implementation Specialists ensure you’re set up for success.

Unlimited 24/7 support

Customers benefit from email, phone and ticket support, provided by a knowledgeable round-the-clock Support Team, as well as online help guides. All at no extra cost.

Connect your entire practice

Our ecosystem of trusted partners makes it easy to integrate ezyVet to all of your business partners, tools and software that you love and use every day.

“We now have one clear and complete picture. Prior to joining ezyVet we had an operating system that required us to look for patient information in many places. It wasn’t centrally collated, so we would have to open a different file, or go to a different location every time we wanted to look at a record. For example, we might have had to search in an entirely different system for X-rays ­– but that has now been replaced by one centrally focused system.”

Dr Tony Cambridge

Veterinary Surgical Specialists, DVM

Trusted by the world's leading veterinary practices

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You never know what will walk in that door

One of the great things about emergency medicine is that you never know what kind of patients you’ll get.

  • Dr Peter Bowie
  • Pet Emergency & Specialty Center of Marin
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Going from a messy manual jumble to unified cloud-based software

Dr Tony Cambridge and the VSS team sought flexibility and automation. They’ve unified a jumble of separate applications into a single clear picture.

  • Dr Tony Cambridge
  • Veterinary Surgical Specialists of Orange County
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