Turning challenges into opportunities

Join Sarah Hoggan, a well-respected DVM and fierce campaigner for wellbeing within the veterinary industry.

Sarah Hoggan, DVM

Emergency Veterinarian

California Veterinary Specialists

Sarah Hoggan is a well-respected DVM, an accomplished TEDx speaker, and a fierce campaigner for wellbeing within the veterinary industry, all whilst practicing at a busy emergency hospital in California. In this webinar, she shares her vast experience of clinical life and how the good days outweigh the difficult ones. During her talk, she shares ideas you can bring into your workplace to make a positive step toward mindfulness within the veterinary industry.

Sarah beams with compassion for veterinary professionals and will never stop driving change to make the veterinary industry a better place to work. Sarah loves being a voice that communicates for the profession’s collective concerns, as well as advocating for the hopes of the future generation of veterinarians.

Part 2: Making veterinary hospitals a better place to work

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