The critical foundations for setup, growth and exit

Legal, technology, and accounting experts weigh in on how veterinary practices can achieve success at all stages of a business lifecycle

Joanna Oakey

Managing Partner

Aspect Legal

Glen Jones

Head of Sales


Paolo Lencioni



The Vet Mastery Success Summit is designed specifically for current and aspiring veterinary practice owners, practice managers and leaders, brought together through the collaboration of multidisciplinary subject matter experts.

Day 1 of the Vet Mastery Success Summit, covers legal, technology, and accounting related topics, and provides advice on what practice owners should look out for, whether starting, growing or selling a veterinary business.

Gain confidence and get actionable insights for your end-to-end business setup and functionality. Discussion points include:

  • What should veterinarians be thinking about when they are starting (buying or setting up) a new practice?
  • What should veterinary practices be focusing on once they are established?
  • What is important for veterinary practices to be thinking about well in advance of an exit?

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