Give every caller the VIP experience

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Give every caller the VIP experience

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Know who is calling your clinic before you pick up the phone

Identify callers before answering the phone

Click on the blue to bring up your existing client records, or the red bubble to create a new record within ezyVet.

Build stronger relationships with your clients

Provide a better experience for your clients and greet them by name every time they call your clinic.

Call record history ready at your fingertips

Sort and view calls by the date, time, phone number, caller name or record name.

Client record navigation

Easily access a client's record in ezyVet via the caller ID, caller name or record name.

Accurately save information

Avoid human error by adding an incoming phone number straight into a client's record.

In-depth reporting

Schedule your staff more efficiently with reporting on call volume per day, hour or team member.

How the integration works

Know every client, every time they call in. Eliminate impersonal interactions like “How do you spell your last name?” or “Are you a client with us?”

Use Fetchit notifications to pull up client information within ezyVet. By the time you’re done with your greeting, you will have the patient’s chart pulled up, and all the information you need to help that client. Client not in your database? You’ll have the option to copy the contact information and create a chart or to update an existing client’s chart.

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About Fetchit

Fetchit by Schultz Technology was created and designed by DVMs who wanted to better manage the amount of time being spent by staff in gathering basic and repetitive information during everyday calls. Their intuition and drive resulted in the Fetchit software that provides the full patient record information with one click of a button.

Schultz Technology is a veterinary IT company that has partnered with many veterinary hospitals for all types of technology needs. Offering 24/7/365 support, Schultz Technology’s goal is to assist and educate veterinary practice with technology upgrades to increase efficiency and revenue.

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