Helping businesses cultivate happy customers and harvest praise

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Helping businesses cultivate happy customers and harvest praise

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Automate feedback collection

Automate your feedback collection process – no manual work!

Manage customer relations

Never miss a chance to follow up with a client

Simplify customer reviews

Help your clients post their positive reviews with a single click

Build your reputation

Build a great online reputation and visibility with more positive reviews

Increase staff morale and accountability

Have staff feel appreciated and recognized by positive client feedback

Improve SEO

Improve your practice’s local search ranking with increased online reviews

Monitor customer satisfaction

Ability to monitor client sentiment, track real-time feedback and understand how your practice is performing

Dissect your data

Swift comparison of satisfaction rating by Location, Department, or Provider

ReviewTree is a tool that makes it easy to manage your referrals, recommendations, and reviews for your veterinary practice

The ReviewTree integration with ezyVet allows practices to automatically collect client feedback, generate online reviews and recommendations and helps calculate Net Promoter Score (NPS).

What is ReviewTree?

ReviewTree’s platform automates the ability for practices to grow, manage, and monitor customer feedback, reviews, and recommendations, with no extra work for staff.

How does ReviewTree work?

  1. After an appointment status is ‘Completed’ or ‘Departed’ on ezyVet, ezyVet will pass the client contact information* to ReviewTree.
  2. ReviewTree will then collect feedback from the client.
  3. Client feedback and satisfaction rating will then get passed into the ReviewTree dashboard.
  4. Your practice will get an email or SMS notification when a new rating comes in.

*Client contact information is only used to generate feedback and reviews for your practice; it is never used for any other purpose nor shared with any third party.

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