AllyDVM: The DVM's ultimate ally.

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AllyDVM: The DVM's ultimate ally.

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Client Communication

Whether it's follow-up notifications, medical reminders or birthday greetings, there is a variety of communication that can be delivered via postcard, email, and text message automatically.

Retention Calendar

Easily automate and improve client retention and client compliance while also increasing revenue growth and easing administrative burdens on staff.

Patient Loyalty

Win more of your clients’ pet-related spending by rewarding them for their loyalty. The Patient Loyalty Program is fully automated and is customizable to fit each practice’s needs.

PetPage® Patient Portal

Clients can easily request appointments, prescription refills, view reminders and information updates all online.

Data & analytics platform

Provides practices with standard and custom reporting capabilities, enabling practices to better understand the most important aspects of their practices.

Synergy Partner Program

Utilize a valuable portfolio of targeted digital email campaigns to help support ongoing pet health and help drive meaningful results.

How AllyDVM works with ezyVet

AllyDVM offers practices the opportunity to leverage the industry-leading solutions within the AllyDVM platform by seamlessly integrating with ezyVet. ezyVet customers are eligible to harness the power behind AllyDVM’s retention calendar, analytics, PetPage Patient Portal mobile app, and robust client communications.

The partnership between AllyDVM and ezyVet brings collaborative resources to practices that are looking for a robust platform of communication, loyalty, and retention tactical solutions. AllyDVM also enables ezyVet customers with data-driven decision-making opportunities with analytics.

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About AllyDVM

Working together to help practices succeed - AllyDVM’s powerful and customizable client engagement platform helps solve the most important challenges faced by veterinary practices today.

As a cloud-based software solution, AllyDVM integrates with ezyVet to amplify and automate integral practice-level functionalities that are critical to patients and pet owners. Practices can then capitalize on the biggest opportunities for improvement - client retention and client compliance - and drive better health outcomes for patients and better financial outcomes for practices.

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