Boost efficiency and compliance while enhancing patient standard of care

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Boost efficiency and compliance while enhancing patient standard of care

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Save time and go digital at your practice

VetCheck allows you to go digital for all clinical forms, completely eliminating the need for paper helping to save time and improve practice efficiency.

Customizable hospital treatment plans

Create gold standard patient treatment templates you can tailor to you practice needs. Improve patient care with task alerts and billing checklists.

Enhance dentistry standards of care

VetCheck’s digital dental charts help your team practice high standards of dentistry with ease. Share these comprehensive reports with your clients to keep them informed.

High quality anesthesia charts

Implement a gold standard of anesthesia monitoring and record keeping. Ensure best practice protocols and set your team up for success.

Improve efficiency with digital certificates

Make case record keeping and continuity of care easier with digital vet exam reports, skin map tools and eye exam reports.

Personalize your treatment plans

Customize your treatment templates, home care videos and automated health programs with pet photos to enhance the client experience and reduce confusion.

How VetCheck works with ezyVet

VetCheck seamlessly integrates with ezyVet, creating a comprehensive platform that supports clinical teams across the whole daily processes – from admissions, hospitalization, discharge, and care between visits.

This integration automatically autofills with important client and patient details, while pushing back to the patient history to streamline processes, enhance care standards, and optimize record-keeping.

The VetCheck suite of digital tools boosts productivity, team consistency, compliance, and visibility, while eliminating paperwork, making it an ideal solution for busy veterinary teams.


About VetCheck

Founded by vets, VetCheck was launched in 2015 to help meet the increasing demands of pet owners, while improving efficiencies for time-poor veterinary professionals.

VetCheck drastically reduces admin time, improves the client experience, and makes it easier for teams to implement best practices.

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