myBalto Foundation

Provide your hospital with its very own charity, without the work or hassle.

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myBalto Foundation

Provide your hospital with its very own charity, without the work or hassle.

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Official Angel fund for your hospital

No more collecting donations in a jar! The myBalto Foundation helps collect and manage your funds so you can focus on your patients.

Free platform for your clinic to use

The myBalto Foundation believes every hospital should have their own Angel fund to help pets in need, ensuring software fees do not prevent vets from helping their patients.

Unique round-up charge at checkout

Create a continuous stream of donations by rounding-up at checkout to help build your fund. myBalto simply adds a line-item to your ezyVet invoices and collects the total donations once a week.

Help stop economic euthanasia

Give your team the tools they need to stop economic euthanasia. You can be the hero to your patients and reduce compassion fatigue and increase hospital revenue for your hospital as well.

Full autonomy with case selection

These are your funds and your patients. Assist any family regardless of the owner’s financial situation or the pet’s prognosis. There are no restrictions from myBalto.

Rapid claim submission guaranteed

Using the myBalto Foundation dashboard, you can submit and approve claims in three minutes or less. Help your patients at any time of day or night, without disruption to your workflow.

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How the myBalto Foundation integration works with ezyVet

The myBalto Foundation is integrated with the ezyVet platform to make fund management and claims submissions FAST and EASY.

The myBalto Foundation collects your weekly donations and manages your funds until you need them. As soon as you request them for a pet in need, they are deposited directly into your hospital’s bank account.

To simplify the claims process, the myBalto Foundation pulls your patient information from ezyVet to quickly upload the owner information and patient signalment to expedite claims submission. They also handle all tax receipts for larger donations and simplify the accounting process for your team.

They do all the work for you so you can focus on your patients. They also offer additional fundraising services to help build your Angel fund faster!

For more information, please view the myBalto & ezyVet Integration Guide Documentation here.

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About myBalto Foundation

myBalto Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)organization on a mission to take the cost out of veterinary care. Their simple 'round-up at checkout' format makes it easy to start building your personal Angel fund without the wait time.

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