Analytics solutions to unlock the potential within your practice!

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Analytics solutions to unlock the potential within your practice!

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Data to insights to results

Translate your medical and operational data into insights to identify opportunities, improve performance, and drive growth within your practice.

Exclusive and relevant benchmarking

Access comparative benchmark metrics of practices that are similar in size, region or other metric specific to your practice for more relevant insight.

Up-to-date reporting

Reporting data is near live, ensuring you have information to respond to market needs, optimize your operations, leverage opportunities, and make decisions as they happen.

Customized dashboards & training

Access the portal with customized dashboards provides visibility into your data whenever you need the information, tailored to how you want to see it.

Multi-site and multi-system data aggregation

The Reflexion data engine aggregates your data from multiple sites and systems into a unified cohesive form that accurately reflects the state of your operations.

Advanced Data Access

Use Reflexion to access your practice data in 3rd-party tool or custom app and avoid the challenges of building custom integrations.

How it works with ezyVet

Reflexion works with ezyVet to provide deep insight into your operations.

Reflexion tracks the operational data of your practice over time and provides meaningful insight into the health of your practice. Dashboards provide departmental and profit center analysis, appointment utilization, cost analysis, client visits, and other consolidated views into your operations. Compare metrics to previous periods, benchmarks, forecasts, and budgets. Reflexion is equipped with dozens of preconfigured reports or create your own.

About Reflex

Reflex Integrated is the largest provider of Information Technology services to the veterinary industry in North America. With unmatched wealth of experience dealing with technological challenges associated with veterinary practices, our expertise is pivotal to the success of your operations.

Enjoy the freedom that comes from having computer systems that are well functioning, well protected, and robust and which allow you to practice the best medicine.

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