Better data for healthier lives

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Better data for healthier lives

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Streamline medical documentation

Spend more time in patient care through streamlined data entry and documentation.

Improve in-clinic communication

Improve in-clinic communication with seamless patient handoff and real-time patient tracking.

AI-powered recommendations

Empower veterinarians with AI-powered decision support tools and knowledge resources.

Augment ER triage

Prioritize patients coming into the Emergency Room with our AI-based triage assistant.

Automate patient check-in

Streamline admissions and offload routine tasks with automated patient check-in.

Track patients in hospital

Track inpatients and monitor hospital occupancy in real-time.

How VetGenus works with ezyVet to improve veterinary care, efficiency and data quality

VetGenus products help augment and streamline medical documentation so veterinarians can spend more time caring for patients and less time in front of a screen.

With their triage and check-in tools, pet owners can enter information about their pet’s symptoms, medical history and habits that are directly integrated into the patient consult in ezyVet. VetGenus rounds tool includes hospitalized patients from ezyVet for seamless patient hand-off between DVMs. Their clinician dashboard reads and writes to the main sections of a patient consult in ezyVet, and provides real time AI-Powered recommendations for diagnosis and treatment.

Overall, their solutions ensure data and billing consistency for better quality data, higher profitability, and improved clinical outcomes.

About ABC Intelligence

We recognize that the pathway to better care and outcomes is data informed knowledge.

Pets are a valued member of the human family. Living, breathing and eating together; we share common healthcare problems and potential solutions. Our systems harmonize and analyze pet healthcare data for better use and understanding of spontaneous diseases. Using our ecosystem, our trusted partners engage in the care and research necessary to achieve solutions to healthcare problems for both pets and their human family members.

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