Koala Health

Koala home delivery simplifies your workflows.

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Koala Health

Koala home delivery simplifies your workflows.

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Custom online store

Create your own co-branded online pharmacy store so your clients can shop anytime, anywhere.

Home delivery services

With Koala's fully licensed pharmacy, automated dispensing systems, and exceptional pharmacy staff, your clients will get the high quality care they deserve and their pets’ medications on time.

Manage prescriptions

Get access to Koala's online platform, KoalaVet, so you can easily manage prescriptions and view the status of all your clients’ open and historical orders.

Simplified workflows

With secure data integration built into the Koala Health platform, you can easily submit and approve prescriptions, giving you and your staff more time to spend with patients.

Improve adherence

Koala's in-house pharmacy can sort pet medication into individual pouches by date and time for easy dosing at no extra cost.

Optimize marketing

Work with Koala to implement a marketing strategy that includes email and digital campaigns, strategic promotions and more to drive clients to your custom online store and boost sales.

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How Koala Health works with ezyVet

The Koala Health and ezyVet integration allows Koala and your clinic to securely share client and patient data so that Koala can automatically prepopulate that information into the KoalaVet platform. This will not only save you and your staff countless hours manually entering that data into the platform, but will also simplify your workflows submitting and approving patient prescriptions and create better client experiences in your custom online store.

For more information, please view the Koala Health & ezyVet Integration Guide here.

About Koala Health

Koala Health’s mission is to delight pet parents by making healthcare simple. Koala partners with clinics like yours to help you manage your pet pharmacy, simplify your workflows, improve patient medication adherence, and most importantly help you create a better pharmacy experience for your clients and patients. Koala partners with you and does this all while easing your workload so that you can spend more time doing what you love most - taking care of your patients.

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