A fully integrated and customizable online booking and automation platform

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A fully integrated and customizable online booking and automation platform

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Improve efficiency, enhance the pet owner experience, and drive growth for your veterinary practice

Appointment sync between ezyVet and Vetstoria

Offer real-time appointment availability to pet owners while drastically reducing phone calls and eliminating double-bookings.

Modernize your booking system

Online booking for pet owners on any device— without an app or registration. Integrate with your schedule easily and offer your availability as you wish with our various customizations and rules.

Tailored 24/7 online scheduling

Improve the client experience by giving them flexibility to book anytime from your business website, even outside of practice hours. *DISCLAIMER: If planning guides are currently used in ezyVet, Vetstoria cannot read these from ezyVet at this time*

Free up time to focus on your most important work

Save admin time by letting clients fill out details themselves. Automatically gather client details during the appointment booking process with custom digital forms.

Boost revenue with smart marketing

Reduce no-shows with confirmation reminders. Use integrated smart links in marketing campaigns to increase revenue for your practice.

Client engagement reporting and analytics

Vetstoria's analytics feature helps you understand pet owner behavior, individual practice data, and marketing campaign outcomes to optimize your performance.

How Vetstoria works with ezyVet

With real-time calendar synchronization between Vetstoria and ezyVet, practices can let pet owners can book anytime, including outside of regular business hours, and receive instant appointment confirmation, which enhances their experience. Practices can customize or set rules to keep control of their availability. This can range from how practices want to provide their available time slots, to customizing for each clinician’s preferences, including which species they wish to treat.

Integrate practice websites with Vetstoria and add the direct booking link to social channels, email campaigns, and text messages, so pet owners have many channels to book appointments — all of which are reflected instantly in ezyVet.

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About Vetstoria

Founded by vets, Vetstoria was launched in 2015 after they saw a gap in veterinary technology whilst working on the front line, particularly in how vet appointments were booked. It is one of the only online booking and automation platforms that modernizes vet practices with 24/7 appointment scheduling, automated triaging, digital marketing, telemedicine, and advanced analytics.

Empowering more than 3,000 clinics globally, the Vetstoria platform drastically reduces phone calls, improves pet owner experience, and reduces admin time spent on manual tasks. Customers include independently owned general practices, referral centers, and universities, as well as some of the world’s largest veterinary groups, including NVA, AniCura, IVC Evidensia, and VetPartners.

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