Your complete lab diagnostic solution.

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Your complete lab diagnostic solution.

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Detect emergent diseases

Moichor's AI has the ability to detect morphological abnormalities not detected by other systems, detecting abnormalities in 20% of wellness/annual checkup cases.

Avoid redundant testing

Current automated sytstems have weak points like PLT clumping. Moichor can eliminate redundant testing and inform DVMs when clumping is occurring.

AI consultant

Staff can use the Moichor AI when creating treatment plans for patients, making it easier and faster to see patients.

How Moichor works with ezyVet

Diagnostics play a critical role in clinical decision making and should account for 20%+ of revenue in growing practices. In addition, ezyVet's mission of providing vets with transformative software cannot be realized without a diagnostic provider pushing the boundaries.

It's increasingly important to provide pet owners with a solution that will increase compliance, improve communications, and provide more accurate treatment plans. For more information, please view the Moichor & ezyVet Integration Guide Documentation here.

About Moichor

Moichor is an animal diagnostics laboratory devoted to enhancing veterinarians’ work through incredibly accurate technology. Moichor's pathologists, engineers, and in-house veterinarians drive innovation using AI, computer vision, and the experienced eyes of a devoted team of medical professionals.

In 2020, Moichor invented the first automated CBC for exotics, and since then its services have grown to include small animals, cytology, and many more. Moichor serves every region in the United States and accepts samples from every animal.

The Moichor team is devoted to developing the world’s largest species-specific reference interval library so that every patient receives the most individualized pathology possible.

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