VetSnap Digital Controlled Logbook

Save time and increase compliance in a snap!

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Save time and increase compliance in a snap!

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VetSnap works with ezyVet in order to help practices save time and digitize controlled substance record keeping

Integrated systems

Leverage the integration with ezyVet to standardize your record keeping process; all mandatory fields automatically populate directly from ezyVet.

No more paper logbook

Create logs from multiple stations instead of finding time to head to the pharmacy to write in the logbook.

No manual errors

By auto-populating patient and client information from ezyVet to Vetsnap, log entry errors are kept to a minimum.

Digital controlled drug management

Manage your inventory levels with ease. Physical counts, container information, and waste recording are simple to record and are updated as you use EZYVET/VETSNAP.

Automatic log entry reconciliation

VetSnap finds mismatched logs on your behalf by automatically comparing log entries to ezyVet records. Corrections are made via a simple resolution process.

Readily retrievable compliant digital record

VetSnap's logbook complies with DEA regulations in all 50 states. Records are kept safe and secure on the cloud, and is easily retrievable when required.

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About VetSnap

Founded in 2020, VetSnap is committed to delivering technology that helps veterinary hospitals save time so that they can continue to focus on what is most important, quality patient care.

VetSnap’s Digital Controlled Drug Log saves your practice hours per week and reduces the stress and headache of compliance. The automated and guided workflow makes recordkeeping, reconciliation, and inventory management easier than ever. VetSnap highlights potential entry issues and helps guide you in correcting them, making compliance a snap! All records including modifications are permanently retained, readily retrievable and DEA compliant.

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