Integrate with home delivery to simplify your workflow

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Integrate with home delivery to simplify your workflow

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Simplify workflows

Integrate ezyVet with Vetsource Home Delivery so client data is always at your fingertips. ePrescribe with ease!

Recapture product revenue

Keep more purchases with your practice through competitive pricing and an expansive product catalog.

The power of home delivery

Clients are nearly 6x more likely to purchase online from you than other retailers.

Improve compliance

Clients adhere to therapies 2-5x more often when using AutoShip and RemindMe single-dose parasiticide program.

Satisfy client demands

Clients can shop from you 24/7 and save with hundreds of manufacturer rebates and discounts that don’t affect your profit.

Streamline communications

Make client communication easy with built-in product recommendation emails and promotional emails.

How the integration works with ezyVet

The integration with ezyVet’s software allows Vetsource to automatically populate client and patient information in its Home Delivery platform, so you don’t have to manually type it in when using the ePrescribing tool. Clients will also find it easier to order medications from your online store because it can pre-populate key information about their pets.

About Vetsource

Vetsource® is focused on providing smart, essential solutions that better fit the lives of veterinarians, their clients, and the pets they love. As the largest and most trusted Home Delivery provider to veterinarians, Vetsource partners with over 9,000 practices, providing tailored solutions that help them meet their goals. Their three guiding principles — being trustworthy, building flexible solutions, and remaining dedicated to the profession — mean they’re a partner that will always put you first.

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