Vetsource Prescription Management

Integrate with home delivery to simplify your workflow.

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Vetsource Prescription Management

Integrate with home delivery to simplify your workflow.

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Provide convenient online shopping

Vetsource's Prescription Management solution gives you everything you need to offer online shopping to your clients, including an online store, custom catalog, merchant services, and marketing support.

Enjoy seamless electronic workflows

Powerful electronic tools that integrate seamlessly into your practice workflow mean you can prescribe products with maximum efficiency, give clients an easy way to purchase therapies, and more.

Manage prescriptions with Rx routing

From your Vetsource Prescription Management platform, you can approve, deny, or suggest alternatives; earn compensation for your time; view order and client info; manage settings; and generate reports.

Put your data to work for you

With secure data integration, you can reduce manual entry, save staff time and power your email marketing.

Fullfilment and shipping

Leave the pharmacy fulfillment and shipping to Vetsource. Automated systems and strict quality control measures ensure patients get the products they need, shipped directly to their door.

Take the guesswork out of marketing

Effortlessly drive clients to your online store with Vetsource's free marketing tools, including PetMail, Rx reminders, ready-to-use digital content, and customizable stickers, posters, and coupons.

How the integration works with ezyVet

The integration with ezyVet’s software allows Vetsource to automatically populate client and patient information in Vetsource's Prescription Management platform, saving your team time and avoiding manual data entry mistakes. The ease of ordering medications through your online store, and the pre-population of key pet information, will also improve client experiences.

About Vetsource

Vetsource® believes that pets deserve the best care, and that starts with better solutions for the people who care for them. Whether you're looking for help with prescription management, data services, client engagement, or payment processing services, Vetsource's comprehensive pet healthcare business solutions can make a difference for your veterinary practice, corporate group, or industry organization.

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