PetDesk Phones

Your veterinary-specific VoIP phone system

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PetDesk Phones

Your veterinary-specific VoIP phone system

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Real-time caller data displayed

PetDesk Phones' dashboard displays all relevant call-related client data on-screen as soon as the call comes in so staff know who they are talking to straight away.

Convenient SMS messaging panel

PetDesk Phones enables all of your numbers to send and receive text messages, enabling quick and easy communication with your clients.

Receive alerts for missing data

During a call, PetDesk Phones will flag if there are any missing data points in the patients records, giving staff the opportunity to update them while on the call.

Use call queues to better manage phone calls

Reduce rushing between phone conversations and keep callers stay on hold until your team are available. Callers can leave a voicemail or request a call-back while waiting.

Call records and recordings library

Use PetDesk Phone's comprehensive call records to better understand call trends, and the recordings library is designed to make call quality assurance a breeze.

The PetDesk Phones dashboard

The unified platform personalizes your clients’ phone experience, and allows you to make outbound calls so all communication is in one place.

Pet Desk Phones

How PetDesk Phones works with ezyVet

PetDesk Phones can strengthen your relationship with clients, improve call quality, and shorten call duration, all while instilling a sense of recognition and care for your clients.

Via the ezyVet API integration, PetDesk Phones enables informed conversations when it pulls client information for display in the PetDesk dashboard or through a standalone dashboard. It displays comprehensive caller information including a pet’s name, gender, species, spay or neuter status, and last and next appointment to make each conversation run smoothly. PetDesk Phones also alerts staff of incoming calls and ensures patient records are complete and up to date.

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About PetDesk Phones

PetDesk Phones connects your phone system to ezyVet and extracts important client and pet information automatically. No more wondering who’s calling or who their pets are. You’ll know the pet’s gender, species, spay or neuter status, last and next appointment, if any, and many more data points of your choosing. Armed with all this info upfront you can drastically reduce the duration of every call.

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