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Pet insurance is on the rise as doting pet parents look for an affordable way to provide their beloved fur babies with the best care money can buy.

For veterinary practices, that’s mostly good news, of course. A larger insured client base means better access to care, greater treatment compliance, improved patient outcomes, and more revenue for the practice.

But there is one potential downside: the paperwork.

With front-of-house teams already inundated with administrative work, the last thing veterinary practices want is more paperwork to add to the pile.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to grow your insured client base without overloading your staff. Read on to learn more about the advantages of offering pet insurance at your veterinary practice and how pet insurance integrations can help minimize the paperwork.

Why your veterinary practice should be offering pet insurance

Pet insurance plays a crucial role in ensuring that pets receive the care they need without treatment options being limited by financial factors. As veterinary treatments become more advanced and costly, pet insurance provides peace of mind for pet owners and allows veterinary practices to deliver the best possible care without compromise.

Of course, pet insurance isn't just beneficial for pet owners - it also brings significant advantages to veterinary practices! That includes things like:

  • Enhanced patient care: With pet insurance in place, veterinary practices can focus on providing the best possible care for their patients without the financial constraints that may limit treatment options. This enables practices to deliver comprehensive and effective care, leading to better health outcomes for pets.
  • Improved client retention: By offering guidance and support in navigating pet insurance claims, veterinary practices can build stronger relationships with their clients. Assisting with insurance claims demonstrates a commitment to client satisfaction and encourages loyalty to the practice.
  • Increased revenue: Pet owners are more likely to seek out and authorize recommended treatments and procedures when they have insurance coverage, which translates to increased revenue for practices.

Challenges in managing pet insurance claims

Managing pet insurance has traditionally been a bit of a pain for veterinary teams.

Manually transferring data between the practice management system and the insurance platform was clunky and prone to user error, while communicating with insurance providers and tracking claim statuses often impacted practice efficiency and client satisfaction.

Overcoming these challenges requires a different approach to pet insurance - and that’s where ezyVet’s pet insurance integrations come in.

Designed to drive efficiency and alleviate admin-heavy processes, these integrations allow veterinary practices to handle insurance claims directly inside ezyVet, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

ezyVet integrates with a number of leading pet insurance providers from around the world, including:

Advantages of using a pet insurance integration

Pet insurance integrations can help transform the way you manage insurance claims. Here are just some of the advantages of leveraging ezyVet’s pet insurance integrations:

  • Efficiency: Veterinary clinics can streamline the entire claims process, from submitting claims electronically to tracking claim status. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork and reduces administrative overhead.
  • Accuracy: By integrating directly with pet insurance providers, ezyVet’s pet insurance integrations ensure that claim information is transmitted accurately and securely. This minimizes the risk of data entry errors and ensures that claims are processed promptly and efficiently.
  • Rapid assessments: Some insurance providers offer on-the-spot processing, allowing claims to be assessed in under 10 minutes.
  • Less data entry: Data flows securely between ezyVet and the insurance provider’s platform, eliminating the need to enter data twice or copy and paste information between multiple portals.
  • Client satisfaction: Simplifying the insurance claims process enhances the overall client experience, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Hundreds of veterinary clinics already use ezyVet’s insurance integrations to simplify their pet insurance processes, including Alii Animal Hospital & Resort, a full-service animal hospital located in Oahu, Honolulu. A firm advocate of pet insurance, the hospital discovered that ezyVet’s Trupanion integration helped its administration team save time on submitting claims and deliver a better insurance experience for clients.

Here’s what Alii Animal Hospital & Resort Concierge Services Manager Nadia Lee had to say:

“Before the integration, pet owners would pay all of the bills to us at Alii Animal Hospital & Resort. We’d help them file the claims and then any reimbursement would go back to the owner. But getting that reimbursement back to the owner would sometimes take a while. The integration pretty much eliminated all the issues we had before. It’s just so quick! We submit the claim and in less than ten minutes we get the reimbursement. It’s so nice to be able to say to the owner, ‘Okay, your bill was this much, but you only owe this much because you have insurance.’”

Check out the full Alii Animal Hospital & Resort case study.


By seamlessly integrating with leading pet insurance providers, ezyVet empowers clinics to simplify the claims process, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional care to their patients.

Ready to simplify your pet insurance processes? Check out our range of pet insurance integrations!