The innovative approach to pet insurance claims that creates the ultimate client experience

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The innovative approach to pet insurance claims that creates the ultimate client experience

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Instant claim processing

With the on-the-spot processing, claims are assessed under 10 minutes with practices being notified right away. Goodbye paperwork!

Convenient claiming through ezyVet

Request a pre-approval prior to treatment, have your claim processed ahead of pick-up, or claim on the spot – the choice is yours.

Clients not left out of pocket

As the insurance benefit is paid directly to the practice, clients don't have to wait for days for reimbursement from insurance provider.

Claim details at a glance in ezyVet

The claim record in ezyVet includes invoice figures for the insurance benefit amount, the gap amount clients have to pay, Petsure service fees, and the transaction number of the deposit made from Petsure to your bank account

Easy and accurate reporting for balance reconciliation

Simply run a Payment report on ezyVet to identify payments paid out by Petsure to your nominated bank account

Healthy pets, happy wallets

With less out of pocket expense, pet parents can focus on the health of their pet, not the cost of treatment.

How it works with ezyVet

PetSure's GapOnly™ direct pay service allows you to send a claim straight from ezyVet to PetSure and receive a response within 10 minutes. PetSure will send a benefit invoice to ezyVet with the amount that will be covered by PetSure, and the client will then pay the gap (which is the difference between the total of the invoice and what the client's insurance policy covers). Once the claim has been finalized, payment will be made to the clinic for the benefit amount.

About GapOnly™

Innovating the pet insurance claims experience, GapOnly™ reviews and calculates the pet owner's insurance claim while they're still at the vet. Pet owners simply pay the gap (the difference between the vet’s invoice and the claim benefit under their policy) and go.

GapOnly™ is an extension of the PetSure eClaims integration, which allows for a more instant claim processing experience (within 10 mins) and means the customer is only required to pay the gap.

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