Pawlicy Advisor

Pawlicy Advisor handle insurance advice, so you can focus on clinical care.

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Pawlicy Advisor

Pawlicy Advisor handle insurance advice, so you can focus on clinical care.

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Automatic pet insurance education

When your team is too busy to talk about pet insurance, Pawlicy Advisor’s ezyVet integration allows clinics to automatically educate clients about their insurance options before or after appointments.

Personalized insurance advice

Your clients get access to personalized pet insurance recommendations based on expected lifetime costs of the policy and breed-specific coverage needs.

Free support from licensed experts

Pawlicy Advisor’s team of licensed agents are not biased toward any one insurance company so clients get objective advice to help them find a great plan.

Clinic resources that make it easy

A dedicated portal shows ezyVet appointments and details on insurance enrollments and messaging in one place - plus, clinics receive digital and print client education to grow your insured client base.

Remove liability

Pawlicy Advisor handles insurance advice so your team aren't liable for unhappy customers.

Recommended by AAHA

Pawlicy Advisor is recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) as the Preferred Business Provider for pet insurance.

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How Pawlicy Advisor works with ezyVet

The Pawlicy Advisor and ezyVet integration provides a connection allowing Pawlicy Advisor to view certain appointment details within ezyVet in order to send pet insurance education to pet owners. The goal is to educate pet owners on the importance of pet insurance at the right time so that your team can save time and see pet insurance adoption increase.

The integration only sends insurance messaging when appropriate, for example, wellness appointments, and the increase of insured pets can increase your revenue and make treatment conversations easier.

An integrated portal makes it easy to:
- customize messaging settings.
- see ezyVet appointments.
- see details on insurance enrollments & messaging.

Clinics also receive additional digital and print client education resources as well as staff training to make pet insurance a walk in the park.

For more information, please view the Pawlicy Advisor & ezyVet Integration Guide here.

About Pawlicy Advisor

Pawlicy Advisor provides veterinary practices with turn-key resources to streamline pet insurance education, help clients compare plans, and grow a clinic’s insured client base. Pawlicy Advisor is the leading independent pet insurance marketplace recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and trusted by vet teams and pet owners across the USA.

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