Customer Radar

Get real-time customer feedback & grow your Google reviews

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Customer Radar

Get real-time customer feedback & grow your Google reviews

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Instant feedback for practice improvement

Customer Radar automatically invites customers to provide feedback one hour after their appointment. Get instant insight into what customers liked about your practice or what could be improved.

Never lose an unhappy customer

Customer Radar sends an email notification to you the moment your customer provides feedback - allowing you to easily get in touch if necessary.

Close the loop on customer feedback

Communicate privately with your customer from within your dashboard. You can respond to customers using a selection of templates, leave internal notes and close feedback tickets.

Grow your Google Reviews automatically

After customers have given feedback, Customer Radar automatically invites them to leave a review. This helps more potential customers find you online as more reviews are generated.

Measure customer satisfaction

Measure, monitor, and manage your customer experience with ease with live Net Promoter Score benchmarking and trend tracking.

Make it easy for your customers

Your customers answer two quick questions - how likely they are to recommend your clinic, as well as providing a comment on why they gave that rating.

How Customer Radar works with ezyVet

The Customer Radar ezyVet integration makes it easy for your practice to get real-time customer feedback and more Google reviews.

The integration works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Your customers visit you for an appointment
  2. After a set time (default 1 hour), your customers are sent an invitation through ezyVet to provide feedback (powered by Customer Radar)
  3. You’ll receive an alert email as soon as your customers submit feedback
  4. From the Customer Radar dashboard, you can reply to your customer’s feedback, or share the feedback with your team to encourage great work.

During the setup form, you can select the appointment status and types that will send an invitation to your customers to submit feedback (e.g. Surgery, Grooming, Follow-up, etc).

If you're ready to get started today, simply complete this form to begin your 30 day risk-free trial!

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About Customer Radar

Customer Radar is a real-time customer feedback and Google reviews platform. Developed with busy people in mind, Customer Radar is intuitive and easy to use – so you can focus on delivering great experiences that your customers will love.

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