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ezyVet User - Chapter 3

Effectively utilizing Product Bundles

Simplify complex billing procedures with groundbreaking product bundles. Bundles can be set up with standard products, medications, diagnostic products, and even a bundle within a bundle.


What to expect with Product Bundles in the V30 upgrade:

Improve the profitability of your clinic with a higher level of control for procedure billing with the following new functionality;

  • Fixed Priced bundles
  • Variable Priced Bundles
  • Definable minimum quantities
  • Defined fixed quantities
  • Multi or Single select option for a bundle within a bundle

What are Product Bundles?

Product Bundles are pre-set groups of standard products, medications, and/or diagnostic products that can easily be added to billing triggers through appointment or clinical records to which help save time and keep inventory up to date.

Product Bundle Benefits:

  • Save time billing patient procedures
  • Never miss a product off an invoice with preset products and product quantities
  • Quick access to easily editable billed quantities
  • Feel empowered with informed price decisions with accurate discount information for fixed price procedures
  • Accurate inventory tracking

Helpful Hint: Whilst there are huge benefits to adopting product bundles, it's not essential to continue using Version 30, as you and your team can continue to operate ezyVet without Product Bundles. There are also alternative solutions such as electronic whiteboarding, such as Vet Radar, which can achieve the similar results

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guide for more information on Product Bundles. Head to the Help Tab in your ezyVet site and search
About product bundles (v30).

General practice

Fixed Price Bundles vs Variable Bundles

Why would you want a Fixed Price Bundle?

Fixed Price bundles allow you to set a fixed price rather than a cumulative price based on what products were used. Fixed Price Bundles are ideal for commonly used procedures where you provide an upfront cost to the customer and the requirements are unlikely to change after the quote has been provided, such as a spay/neuter, cruciate or TPLO.

Why would I want a Variable Price Bundle?

Variable Priced Bundles are ideal for complex surgeries where you want the price to increase or decrease, based on the quantities of products used, such as a colic treatment for equine, snake bites/toxicity or poisoning.

How to add a Bundle to an Invoice

Bundles are a new feature that's been introduced to Version 30 and the functionality of this feature is still being enhanced. As ezyVet is a clinical first practice management software, bundles can currently only be added via a Billing Trigger, in either the patient's Appointment or Clinical Record. They cannot be added directly to an invoice, and estimates and sales templates do not yet support the invoice subline functionality.

Appointment Record Workflow:

  1. Head to the Dashboard
  2. Right-click on the patient appointment slot and select Edit Appointment from the pop-up menu
  3. In the Appointment Details section at the top of the screen, click in the Billing Trigger Product(s) field and pick your bundle from the drop-down.

Clinical Record Workflow:

  1. Open the Clinical Record
  2. Within the Medical tab, select the '+' in the Therapeutic / Procedure section of the record, and a New Therapeutic / Procedure window will open
  3. You now have 2 options, you can either add the bundle directly via the billing trigger on the right-hand side
  4. OR, Add a Therapeutic/Procedure that has a Bundle attached to it and this will automatically add the bundle products into the Billing Trigger to the section on the right-hand side.

The medication & vaccination billing trigger fields do not yet support bundles.

Helpful Hint: Product Bundles will only appear in your product list once a site Admin has configured them for your practice.

Bundle Limitations:

  • Product bundles can only be added through a billing trigger field in ezyVet, these are found on the appointment and clinical records.
  • Product bundles cannot be added directly to the invoice manually, or through an electronic whiteboard integration, from an estimate or sales template.

  • Bundles can have multiple 'child' bundles within them. These child bundles can be useful for reusing within different 'parent' bundles. For instance, having child bundles for Pre-Medication, Anaesthesia Induction, Post-Op Analgesia etc

  • Parent bundles cannot have child bundles that also contain 'grandchild' bundles. An error will show if you attempt to add a parent bundle containing child bundles into a new bundle.

  • The invoice screen is the only financial record that has been updated to utilize the bundle functionality. You cannot use bundles on Estimates or sales templates they will appear as a single product with no pricing.
  • You cannot have a product in a fixed price bundle that has a value of $0

  • PAR (price adjustment rules) will not automatically apply to bundle products, you will need to manually apply these to the invoice.