ezyVet Admins - Chapter 5

Switching to Service Fees

Service fees are ezyVet's evolved dispense fees that provide additional flexibility as they no longer share a products pricing structure, and instead, are stand-alone products themselves.

What to expect with Service Fees in V30:

Service Fees are similar to the existing dispensing fees, which you are likely familiar with. However, Service Fees have more functions and make it easier to manage information in complex invoices.

Enjoy new benefits with Service Fees such as:

  • The ability to update the price of a service fee product with the price adjustment carrying through to all products the service fee is associated with
  • Additional reporting capability to increased control with invoicing
  • Increased confidence that products are being billed with the correct service fees
  • Ability to identify discounted service fees on an invoice
  • Ability to set a different tax rate for a service fee to the product it is associated with

How to set-up Service Fees in V30

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab and select Product from the drop-down menu
  2. Enter the Product Code, Product Name, Primary Group and add any Notes or Description, as you would to add any normal product
  3. Then in the Properties section of the page next to Type select Service Fee from the drop-down menu and notice the Properties settings automatically updated with the change
  4. In the Pricing section of the page, select your Department (if applicable), Price Tax Rate and GST
  5. For departmentalize practices: If using Fixed Price bundles you can only have one price for each bundle, if you're wanting different prices for different departments, you will need to duplicate your bundles.

How are service fees different to dispense fees?

Configuration: To make use of a service fee, you first make a product that is configured as a service fee product. You then make a relation between the service fee product and the applicable products.

Invoices: A service fee shows as a dedicated line item in client invoices. A service fee within a bundle displays as a child line within the invoice and is only visible on client-facing documents if the $ setting is toggled on. If you need to edit the price of a product that contains a service fee, you will need to expand the product, and update the total/price value on the childline.

Reports: A service fee shows as a dedicated row in a report spreadsheet. This enables better management of report data for reporting purposes.

Tax rates: Service fees can have different tax rates and different departments. Each department of a service fee can also have a different tax rate.

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guide for more information on the service fees. Head to the Help Tab in your ezyVet site and search
About service fees (v30)

Reporting Module

What happens to Dispense Fees after ezyVet upgrades my site to V30?

If your ezyVet site has existing products that use dispense fees, the automated system will change these to service fees during the site upgrade. One service fee will be created per exact price set in the dispense fee field and different tax rates.

Some ezyVet features will continue to use dispense fee labeling. The automated upgrade process will not change dispense fee settings in these features during your site upgrade.

The features that use dispense fees labels are:

  • Estimates
  • Sales templates
  • Recurring invoices
  • Customer orders