Cat Care Clinic caters exclusively to felines. With two locations strategically positioned at opposite ends of Madison, Wisconsin, the six-doctor multi-site practice has established itself as a trusted destination for cat owners seeking top-tier veterinary services.

As the practice has grown, its server-based practice management system struggled to keep pace, prompting the team to search for a more robust cloud-based solution. We sat down with Practice Manager Robin Melton to learn more about why Cat Care Clinic decided to switch from Impromed to ezyVet and how the practice has changed since migrating to the cloud.

Outgrowing the server-based system

Since opening its doors more than 30 years ago, Cat Care Clinic has gone from strength to strength, doubling the headcount of its doctors and expanding its service offering.

For much of this time, the practice was powered by Impromed, a server-based practice management system. However, as Cat Care Clinic grew, the need for a cloud-based solution became increasingly apparent. Not only would upgrading to the cloud unlock new functionality, but it would also enable Robin - who was, at the time, managing three practices - to remotely access the system, regardless of where she was physically located.

“I was looking for a cloud-based system,” said Robin. “I did not want to have a server, I didn’t want to have an extra closet for a server and all of that craziness. It was important to me that the system was accessible from anywhere because I was in charge of three practices at that point. Whether I was at home, or at one of the other practices... no matter where I was, I wanted to be able to get into the software.”

Many practices are - understandably! - hesitant about straying from their tried-and-true processes, and the idea of transitioning from a server-based system to the cloud can be daunting. However, having already seen ezyVet in action at City Dog Vet, a canine-only practice that operates under the same ownership as Cat Care Clinic, Robin knew that the software would be an excellent fit for their feline-focused practice.

The transition went smoothly. Two members of the ezyVet implementation team spent a week on-site at the two Cat Care Clinic locations, providing technical support and helping staff learn the ropes of their new system. Cat Care Clinic also made effective use of ezyVet Academy, a foundational course covering essential ezyVet functionality, including scheduling, adding new clients, record management, payments, and more.

“I can't think of anything that I miss from Impromed. I mean, ezyVet just does everything so much better,” said Robin.

Upgrading to the cloud unlocks new ways to drive efficiency

By embracing the cloud, Cat Care Clinic has discovered new ways to drive efficiency, which has contributed to the ongoing growth of the practice.

“We've been growing like crazy. When I started working at the clinic, we had the owner and two doctors. Now, we’re up to six full-time doctors, plus the owner, who works part-time now. We've just grown and grown and grown. ezyVet helps because it just makes it easier to do everything,” said Robin.

A big part of the practice’s success with ezyVet can be attributed to Robin’s curiosity and desire to leverage technology to make life easier for her team.

“We're always trying to automate more stuff. Why should we continue to do it manually if ezyVet can do it for us?”

Take picklists, for example. A picklist is a preconfigured list of text items that can be used in any clinical field in ezyVet. Robin uses picklists in the custom consultation templates she’s built, which ensure consistency and accuracy in clinical documentation while saving time during consultations. The picklists are linked to relevant billable products and services, which are automatically added to the client’s invoice as the veterinarian fills out the fields in the template, helping the team save time on invoicing and minimizing the risk of missed charges.

“We do miss charges, which annoys me greatly. So, I started creating questions. Did we do an ear cytology - yes or no? If it's ‘yes’, it’s added to the customer’s bill. Did we send out for a cytology because something was crazy in there - yes or no? Did we clean the ears? As the veterinarian] answers these questions, they’re creating the invoice. If I build templates like this, the chances we’re going to miss something is way lower than if we’re just creating invoices off the top of our heads,” said Robin.

Automation saves time on appointment scheduling and reporting

Another area where ezyVet helps Cat Care Clinic save time is appointment scheduling. The practice recently implemented online booking through ezyVet, offering clients a convenient way to schedule appointments while reducing the administrative burden on front-of-house staff.

“I've been pushing for [online booking] since we moved to ezyVet,” said Robin. I was excited because I was able to figure out how to set it up so that the customer not only can pick the location they want to visit, but they can even pick the doctor that they want to see. It's amazing, and my receptionists love it.”

Robin has also taken advantage of ezyVet’s automated reporting capabilities to easily gain insight into the performance of the practice. She configured ezyVet to automatically deliver reports for both Cat Care Clinic locations directly to her inbox, providing her with the information she needs to make strategic decisions. This stands in stark contrast to the reporting limitations of the practice’s previous practice management system, which was unable to generate historical reports.

“In Impromed, everything was so finite,” explained Robin. “If you wanted to do your year-end reports, you had to be there on December 31 to run the reports. You couldn't backdate them. You couldn't wait until the next day or the next business day.”

Unlocking access to a patient’s complete diagnostics history

Easy access to patient diagnostics and clinical history is vital for effective veterinary care. Thanks to ezyVet’s integration with IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, the Cat Care Clinic team can manage diagnostics results and access historical diagnostics data directly inside their practice management system.

The practice is now in the process of integrating ezyVet with IDEXX Web PACS, which will be used to manage the practice’s diagnostic imaging, including ultrasounds, dental X-rays, and more.


By choosing a cloud-based solution that offers flexibility and customizability, Cat Care Clinic has been able to successfully streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

As Robin and the rest of the team continue to grow and innovate, ezyVet will remain an essential partner in their mission to provide top-quality care for their feline patients.

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