Save time with Picklists

Achieving a work-life balance is one of the most important ways to create both career and personal satisfaction, but that doesn't mean it's easy. We often talk about how busy life within a veterinary practice really is and how crucial it is to continue identifying ways you can streamline how you do things to work towards achieving a work-life balance. Meaning work stays at work and you get home on time, allowing you to come back the next day well-rested and ready to give 110% to all patients.

In this episode of Tips & Tricks video, we share how incorporating Custom Picklists into your practice can help enhance your clinical workflow experience.

Picklist Benefits:

  • Save time typing up clinical notes
  • Create structure for consultations
  • Allows you to easily capture the clinical history whilst the patient is in the consultation

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guide for more information on Custom Picklists. Head to the Help Tab in your ezyVet site and search Templates - Creating Picklists.