Maintain balance with role-based permissions

Are you struggling to maintain control over which staff has access to different areas of your practice management software? ezyVet's flexible and customizable permissions allow you to maintain the perfect balance of collaboration and control, while giving you peace of mind that your practice is running smoothly. Whether you're using one of our recommended templates for common roles in a practice or starting from scratch with your own custom role, ezyVet can help you define which resources are available to which members of your team.

In this episode of Tips & Tricks, learn how to create your own customized role-based access permissions and discover how you can use them to maintain the perfect balance of collaboration and control in your clinic.

Benefits of role-based permissions:

Easily configure role-based permissions

Use a preconfigured recommended template as a starting point when building your clinic roles, or assign your own permissions for a completely customizable role.

Define who can access specific resources within your practice

Once your roles have been created, you can easily add a role to the relevant team member to quickly and easily control which staff members can access parts of your ezyVet site.

Want to learn more?

Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guides by searching for Clinical Summaries or Templates in the HELP tab of your ezyVet site, or for more information about strengthening your clinical operations, check out our Tips & Tricks episode 'Time-Saving Clinical Workflow'.