ezyVet Users - Chapter 6

Discover patient Demeanor Statuses

From curious Cocoa to happy Honey, stay on top of any type of animal behavior with new Patient Demeanors. Keep the practice safe, with clear and concise animal identification to best handle any type of animal in your practice.

What to expect with Patient Demeanors

There are eight more standard demeanor options to choose from, with this added flexibility, you can effectively communicate patient temperament throughout your practice.

  • Improve workplace safety by knowing what to expect when handling the animal
  • Easier management of a Fear Free clinic. We've included the Ladder Spectrum of Fear, Anxiety & Stress (FAS) in the line-up of standard demeanors
  • List multiple behaviors from for one patient, eg. ‘Bites’, ‘Anxious’ to and ‘Aggressive’, as well as identify key health concerns such as allergies to food or medication
  • Increased customization by bringing in your practice’s own naming conventions by building your own custom demeanors
  • Keep a positive client experience - Hide Demeanors from the view of sensitive clients lest they see their pet as anything less than perfect
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What are the new patient Demeanor Statuses?

Patient Demeanor Statuses are the new and improved Attitude Statuses, which previously had limited coverage and didn't accurately communicate what temperaments were visiting the clinic.

Legacy ezyVet you only had the option of Friendly, Unfriendly or Caution.

With Version 30 you unlock new patient Demeanor Statuses:

  • Cat-Aggressive
  • Dog-Aggressive
  • Aggressive
  • Anxious
  • Caution
  • Dislikes Cage
  • Friendly
  • Unfriendly
  • Muzzle Necessary
  • Shy
  • Bites

Helpful Hint: Admin users have the ability to create custom patient Demeanor Statues that are relevant to your clinic so you might have additional statuses than what's shown above that are useful to your clinic

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guide for more information on the new Patient Demeanor Statuses. Head to the Help Tab in your ezyVet site and search
Available standard demeanor statuses.

Bulk Discounts both

Bulk Update Patient Demeanors

Don't waste time updating your backlog of patients with new demeanors, update them with the Bulk Update function

  1. Navigate to the Records Dashboard and select the Patient in the Record Type drop-down
  2. If necessary, identify the group of patients you want to bulk update by using the All, Any, or Excluding filters (you can also filter patients based on an existing Demeanor.)
  3. Select Show Records
  4. Select all or some of the patients that appear in the Patients list
  5. Select an 'Add Demeanor' or 'Remove Demeanor' from the Action drop-down under Perform Action
  6. In the pop-up, select the demeanor you would like to add or remove to this group then select Add/Remove Demeanor to bulk set this demeanor for all selected patients

Helpful Hint: to access the records dashboard you will need the 'Use Records Dashboard' permission active on your account.

Demeanor Status

Assigning a Demeanor Status to a Patient

You can to assign a Demeanor Status to a patient in two different ways; either via the Patient Record Sidebar or the Clinical Record Sidebar, which both have the same layout and set-up workflow.

Underneath the patient image and patient description, there is a section labeled Demeanor. If you select the pencil icon, you can select the appropriate demeanors for the patient from the drop-down list. There is no limit to how many demeanors a patient can have.

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guide for more information on how to assign a Patient Demeanor Status. Head to the Help Tab in your ezyVet site and search
Set a demeanor status for a patient

Demeanor Status Display Icons
Display Icon

Client facing visibility settings

With the introduction of patient Demeanor Statuses, we've added increased functionality which gives you control over what the client sees when you need to run them through a Patient or Clinical Record. It's important for clinic staff to understand the temperament of the patients in the practice, but there aren't many clients that want to know their pet has an 'Aggressive' or 'Caution' label, and rightfully so.

By selecting the icon next to Demeanors in the sidebar it will change how the Demeanor status is displayed.

Want to learn more?
Dive deeper with the ezyVet Help Guide for more information on display modes of Demeanor Statuses. Head to the Help Tab in your ezyVet site and search
About demeanor statuses.