Tackling the vet shortage

What we can do about it now

Dr Jocelyn Birch-Baker

Director & Veterinarian

Smooth Operating Vets

Kimberley Lim

Partner Marketing Manager


It’s no secret that it’s increasingly difficult to recruit and retain veterinary professionals. The demographics of who makes up the workforce has changed dramatically over the years but many employers have yet to keep up and cater to this change.

In 2019, women made up 63% of the active veterinary workforce in the US. As of 2020, 61% of all veterinarians in Canada are female. In Australia, 80% of veterinary graduates are female. The numbers just don’t stack up with turnover rates rising steadily too. While there are many factors at play, for a woman, a big part of it comes down to not being able to balance expectations within work life and family life.

While it does feel like an industry-wide problem, Dr Jocelyn Birch Baker from Smooth Operating Vets is keen to share ideas on what management can do to at their practices. With her 40+ years of experience as a business owner and veterinarian, she focuses on creating mother-friendly workplaces and making her practice a place where staff want to be, with technology playing a big part in supporting this. A highlight of this course covers what veterinary employers can do to keep smart, educated, and compassionate women in the profession.

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