Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic has been serving the Frisco, Texas, community for nearly three decades. As the business has evolved, so too has its software requirements, which prompted the practice to upgrade to ezyVet, a cloud-based practice management system.

That was six years ago. Since then, the practice has grown enormously, harnessing ezyVet to automate its manually intensive process and scale up its operations. We recently caught up with a few members of the Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic team to learn more about what motivated the initial transition and what’s changed since moving to the cloud.

Practice outgrows server-based system

Established with the goal of providing outstanding wellness and preventive care, Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic has grown into a bustling facility known for its commitment to strengthening the human-animal connection.

“Pets are part of the family,” said Dr. Craig Buffinton, Owner and Founder of Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic. “They might live for 20 years - that’s a big responsibility for us. Our core mission is to make sure these pets have the longest and best quality of life, and encourage the bond between the client and their pet.”

Stonebrook team clipping nails

For many years, Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic was powered by Avimark, a server-based practice management system. At the time, the practice was housed in a modest space and staffed by a small team, which made communication relatively straightforward. However, as the clinic expanded, so too did the complexity of its operations.

“When you’re in a small clinic like we were - 1,500 square feet, six employees - your communications are a little easier. But we knew that when we moved to a larger facility (we’re at 6,000 square feet now and approaching 30 employees), that the system wasn’t going to be sufficient. We needed a way to talk to each other without having to talk to somebody or leave a sticky note,” explained Craig.

It was clear that the software would not be able to accommodate the practice’s growth. As Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic prepared to move to a new location, it was the perfect opportunity to transition to a new practice management solution. After seeing ezyVet in action and the impact it could have on the business, Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic decided to transition to ezyVet, a cloud-based practice management system.

Time-saving tech frees up team to focus on pets

Since migrating to ezyVet, Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic has tripled its client base. ezyVet’s automation and time-saving features have played a significant part in this rapid growth, allowing the team to see more patients without compromising on care or overburdening staff.

ezyVet on a tablet

One key tool that has helped drive efficiency throughout the practice is SmartFlow, a piece of software that allows veterinary practices to manage hospitalized cases and track patient progress. As Craig explained, a veterinary technician can take a patient’s vitals, which are then sent to SmartFlow before he even enters the consultation room. This workflow allows Craig and the other veterinarians to spend less time on administrative duties and more time providing a highly personalized service.

“I don't think we could do that without a system that allows us to input that data quickly and efficiently. It absolutely has saved a tremendous amount of time. We're always innovating and trying to see what we can do faster and more efficiently. It’s not necessarily about squeezing more patients in a day, but giving the [pet] owners the feeling that we care about them and we're here to talk and answer their questions,” said Craig.

Automation minimizes manual data entry

Of course, SmartFlow is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to saving time. For Craig, one of the standout features of ezyVet is its memo system. Memos, which are a form of internal communication, enable staff to collaborate efficiently, regardless of where they’re physically located. With memos, staff members can leave detailed notes, reminders, and updates that are easily accessible by others, ensuring everyone stays informed about patient statuses and clinic operations.

ezyVet’s template system has also been a game-changer for the clinic. The team has set up custom templates for all their surgeries, which helps them save time writing clinical summaries, produce more detailed patient histories, and standardize recordkeeping across the practice. As Hospital Administrator Morgan Bont explained, the time savings have been significant.

“You can immediately [record] a patient’s health status and history using the templates. I can complete my notes before I even leave the room. I don’t have to go back at the end of the day, go through all my papers, and put in all my notes. I save an hour a day using ezyVet software compared to having to do paperwork at the previous clinics that I worked at,” said Morgan.

Playing with dogs

ezyVet’s helping the practice save time at checkout, too. The practice utilizes ezyVet’s integration with PayJunction, a versatile online payment solution that allows clients to pay digitally for products and services. With PayJunction, the Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic team can issue payment requests directly from inside ezyVet and send them to clients via email or text - a process which, according to Morgan, saves “an extra minute or two” per transaction. Clients’ payment information can be stored securely, further streamlining the payment experience during a client’s future visits.

Investing in a system for the future

A commitment to innovation has been integral to Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic’s success. Leveraging technology to drive efficiency, improve communication, and deliver outstanding patient care will remain a key focus as the practice continues to expand in the years ahead.

Stonebrook receptionist

“I can't see us outgrowing the system at this point,” said Craig. “ezyVet has grown with us, yet we're still a fledgling clinic in my mind. We've been going for five years but I think we still have a lot to learn. There are a lot of cloud-based systems out there now, but I think ezyVet is one of the most powerful.”

Whatever the future looks like for Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic, the team can feel confident that they have the right system in place to support their growth as they continue to provide the pets of Frisco with the best possible preventive care.

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