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ezyVet Enhancements:

Twig Template Variables

New Template Variable for Clinical Records

ezyVet template variables now have the ability to backdate items in the clinical records so both you and your client can see the date of the treatment. This is helpful for when you use a workflow where you add an item to the clinical record several days later and you want to add in the date and time of the date you performed that treatment.

Note: When the date is changed in the invoice it will reflect this change of date in the clinical record

Contact Record Titles

Gender Neutral Title for Contacts

We’ve added in a gender-neutral title ‘Mx’ in the dropdown in the contact record. Alongside this, we have also refined the options available in the dropdown to make it easier for you and your client. If you have a client that has selected one of the old title options, it will still be displayed on their contact.

IDEXX Integration

VetConnect PLUS

Upgrade your legacy IDEXX integration to gain access to the core benefits of VetConnect PLUS diagnostic results directly within ezyVet. Spot trends, abnormalities, and evaluate patients’ historical results with easy-to-use graphs.

Learn more about VetConnect PLUS: VetLab Station

Learn more about VetConnect PLUS: Reference Laboratories

Learn more about VetConnect PLUS: Reference Laboratories and VetLab Station

Vet Radar Enhancements:

Basic User Permission Role

The new basic user role is designed for clinics that want to have more control over what their junior staff can do.

The basic user permission role can do everything except the following:

  • Discontinue or restart treatments
  • Change quantity billed per task on an existing treatment
  • Ignore concentration when adding or editing a medication treatment
  • Edit the auto-complete toggle on treatments
  • Edit the send billing to ezyVet toggle on treatments
  • Edit the send billing to ezyVet toggle on tasks
  • Reset a completed task
  • Delete a missed task

Reset a completed workflow task

Completed Task Lock Time

To keep an accurate record of what changes are being made for your patients you are now able to lock a task once it has been completed. It will still be editable for a period of time of your choice (2 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours) once the change is made to fix an error or add additional information.

Note: The lock time does not apply for admin user roles.

Staff Hours Feature

You can now set your staff hours per clinic for clients to schedule in treatments. Once you have fixed your open times, your clients will only see these times available.

Note: This feature is open to test out and try, if you would like to try this out on your Vet Radar account, please get in touch.

Limited Scheduled Tasks to Available Hours

When you search for a product and review the repeating frequency you can toggle to ‘limit to staffed hours only’. Any tasks that are created will only be created when your clinic is open.

Simplified Task Schedule Pane

We’ve simplified the task schedule pane to improve your customer experience.

Integration and Partnership Updates


Our new integration by Schultz Technology is available to our customers in the US only. By including this integration into your practice, it will optimize front desk operations by automatically identifying callers within ezyVet. Your customer service reps could save 30-45 seconds per phone call by bringing up the client’s clinical record as they call in and make necessary notes. By having this integration your practice will be able to deliver a more personalized service to clients.

You can learn more about Fetchit here.