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VC Asset 1

IDEXX VetConnect PLUS: VetLab Station

Introducing the new way to get VetConnect PLUS diagnostic results within ezyVet. Use VetConnect PLUS to spot trends and abnormalities, and evaluate patients’ historical results with easy-to-use graphs.

Save valuable time across your practice with two-way integrated diagnostic workflows. From ordering diagnostics to reviewing results, experience VetConnect PLUS inside ezyVet to gain a holistic view of IDEXX diagnostics and ensure all charges are captured.


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IDEXX VetConnect PLUS VetLab Station

The new IDEXX VetConnect PLUS VetLab Station integration provides all your diagnostic results in one convenient place. The new integration synchronizes, organizes, and displays your in-house diagnostics directly within ezyVet. enabling real-time care.


What to expect once you have upgraded to IDEXX VetConnect PLUS VetLab Station

With the new IDEXX VetConnect PLUS VetLab Station integration, the process of raising a diagnostic request is identical to your legacy IDEXX integration.

  1. Select + Diagnostic Request.
  2. Add the requesting veterinarian, select the new supplier contact record of the IDEXX VetConnect PLUS VetLab Station integration, then select the diagnostic test and select ADD.
  3. Once the request has been successfully sent to the VetLab Station the status will update to SUBMITTED.

Once you have successfully raised a diagnostic request, you can now select the IDEXX VetConnect PLUS icon. This opens a pop-up window, where:

  • You can easily add additional diagnostic tests.
  • All additional diagnostic tests will be added to the one request.
  • Newly added diagnostic tests will be automatically invoiced.

Enhanced way to view diagnostic results

Introducing the latest diagnostic results functionality. Simply select the IDEXX VetConnect PLUS icon within the patient's results to:

  • Access a holistic view of all IDEXX diagnostics for every patient by viewing historical data.
  • Compare results over time with graphical views of a patient’s complete diagnostic history.

It's all conveniently located within ezyVet, eliminating the need to manage multiple platforms.


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