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A picture can say a thousand words but a video is worth a million. Learn why hospitals around the world are choosing ezyVet and why with IDEXX it's even more powerful.

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This year we have a big focus on enhancing our existing sales collateral to ensure our entire sales team has the tools and materials they need to close deals. Check out our latest revamped sales presentation 👇


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Discover an all-in-one practice management solution, fueled by technology, designed to increase efficiency and improve profitability in practices of all shapes and sizes.


Customers love ezyVet

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The PARC: from corner-clinic to revolutionary animal hospital

Fort Worth, Texas veterinarian Dr Steve Hotchkiss transformed his old street-corner vet into The PARC – a spectacular, cutting-edge animal hospital.

  • Dr Steve Hotchkiss
  • The PARC
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How to make ezyVet’s API work for you

JR and Dr Erin got an ambitious build off the ground by connecting CityVet’s own software to ezyVet.

  • JR Mayer & Dr Erin Tate
  • City Vet
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24-hour emergency hospital grows tremendously with ezyVet

Frisco Emergency Pet Care opened their practice three years ago with ezyVet to simplify day-to-day operations and has grown from a team of four to 45.

  • Dr Mike Lodasso
  • Frisco Emergency Pet Care
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