24-hour emergency hospital grows tremendously with ezyVet

Frisco Emergency Pet Care opened their practice three years ago with ezyVet to simplify day-to-day operations and has grown from a team of four to 45.

Frisco Emergency Pet Care is an independently owned 24-hour practice in Frisco, Texas, that is the closest emergency hospital to approximately 45 veterinary day clinics – which keeps their incredible team busy more often than not! We spoke to owner Dr Mike LoSasso about the vision behind Frisco Emergency Pet Care, their journey so far, and what brought them to ezyVet.

Can you tell us a bit about Frisco Emergency Pet Care?

Frisco Emergency has been open for about three years and has grown tremendously since then, from four technicians to a team of 45 – including ten full-time doctors. About 18 months ago we moved to a 24-hour service model and believed this would gain traction slowly, we were sadly mistaken. It’s been busy every single day since—even during day hours—as complex cases can really throw off schedules for day-clinics, so they often get sent to us instead.

Our practice has been very well received by the community in general. I believe this reflects on how we treat our employees and clients. We work hard to offer the best possible experience, as this can be a very emotional place. Nobody comes to an emergency room—whether human or animal—that is having a good day. Just by definition clients are stressed, and we always aim to meet those people where they are emotionally and help turn them around. We also encourage staff to focus on the fact they’re helping people, which makes tougher moments a lot easier to get through. Even if an animal needs to be put to sleep, we try to comfort clients as much as we can.

We’re also very concerned with employee social and mental health, which is often talked about in the veterinary industry these days. We really take care of staff to prevent burnout – we are there, and we listen. Especially in light of recent events, people are dealing with family loss and other serious issues, so we are all here to support one another. I view my team as an extended family.

“Nobody comes to an emergency room—whether human or animal— that is having a good day.”

Dr Mike Lodasso

Owner, Frisco Emergency Pet Care

Where does your passion come from for what you do?

Growing up in Reno, Nevada, our next-door neighbours had about 15 horses. When I was about seven years old, I made the decision to be a veterinarian and that I was going to work on nothing but horses – which is exactly what I did for a good number of years! Once I moved to the Dallas area that all changed when I discovered emergency medicine. I really enjoy that every day and every case is different, and how much we are able to help people and their pets.

Dr LoSasso of Frisco Emergency Pet Care talks to ezyVet

What brought you to ezyVet and how have you found it so far?

The practice started clean with ezyVet and has never used another piece of software. We discovered ezyVet because of its strong integration with SmartFlow and Vet Rocket which play a central part in our practice. These have proven to be very useful while ezyVet itself is very efficient, and friendly enough for people who aren’t computer savvy – which was also important for us! It only takes a couple of shifts for new doctors to get used to ezyVet, and that’s all the training they really get. Plus, I love that ezyVet can be accessed from anywhere. After a solid day I am wiped, but with ezyVet I can go home, take a bit of time to unwind and log in to complete any unfinished records later.

To practice medicine effectively, documentation is crucial, and in our case as a 24-hour hospital that includes communicating internally as well as with referring veterinarians. ezyVet’s templates and customizability have dramatically streamlined and sped up our record-keeping. What’s more, our doctors never have to touch an invoice as everything is done off the Clinical Record or via SmartFlow meaning invoices sync up automatically. As a result we have seen drop charges go way down. The lab work is great too, all of our equipment is integrated directly into ezyVet allowing us to easily share dicon images or links directly with referring vets or customers. Therefore there is never any uncertainty if the correct image is being viewed. It’s also very visual in terms of showing abnormalities. I can bring results or x-rays up on the TVs in our consult rooms with an iPad to discuss and collaborate more effectively.

For those looking to switch from a server-based solution, I would say don’t let the fear of internet going down stop you from choosing a cloud-based service. We’ve had our own personal challenges with our internet connection and we’ve always found a way around it—ezyVet itself isn’t data-heavy so we were able to run this from two cell phone hotspots when before the internet was even installed in our new location. It ran just fine!

“I would say to anybody that’s considering ezyVet, we’ve had a phenomenal experience moving over from a server-based model.”

Dr Mike Lodasso

Owner, Frisco Emergency Pet Care

ezyVet on show at Frisco Emergency Pet Care

Another benefit of the cloud is that I’m not constantly paying for new software – it’s continuously updating and updating. We got another update last week, and it keeps getting better and better.

I was fortunate enough to go to the first user conference—Unleash—held in Frisco. It was so inspiring to see ezyVet developers interacting with the community and to see how invested they were. The ezyVet team has been so responsive to what the public want in the software, and it’s fantastic to see suggestions come to fruition a couple of months later.

ezyVet also offers amazing customer support. I can call 24 hours a day and may be talking to London or Auckland, but there’s always somebody there to solve my problem and they’re refreshingly easy to talk to.