Moving to the cloud saves London vet clinic “tens of thousands of pounds”

Learn how this independent London-based practice uses ezyVet to reduce their manual workload and achieve better patient outcomes.

Two By Two Veterinary Centre is an independent veterinary practice nestled in the heart of Finchley, North London. Founded in 2017, the practice has blossomed from a one-man operation into a full-service, 12-person strong veterinary team dedicated to delivering the highest standards of patient care.

Throughout this period of growth, the practice has remained staunchly committed to meeting the needs of the community, working alongside the RSPCA to provide subsidized charitable rates and participating in the C4 scheme, which provides free cat neutering services to eligible pet owners in London.

We sat down with a few members of the Two By Two Veterinary Centre team to learn more about how they use ezyVet to reduce their manual workload and achieve better patient outcomes.

Reasons for choosing ezyVet

Veterinary nurse holding a cat

When he was three years old, Dr. Andrew Monchar, Clinical Director of Two By Two Veterinary Centre, became best friends with a golden retriever while on a family holiday in Wales. The experience sparked a lifelong fascination with animals - and the rest, as they say, is history.

After graduating from the Royal Veterinary College, Andrew worked as a locum vet in various clinics where he was exposed to a range of practice management solutions and gained valuable insight into the systems and processes that helped - or hindered - the daily life of veterinary professionals.

“As a locum vet, you're expected to come into a practice on day one and sit there and work,” Andrew says. “So, you have to come au fait with the general manner of working and the different software packages that are out there. I’ve worked with some very good ones, both cloud-based and server-based. I've worked with some disastrous ones as well - very, very basic ones.”

With that experience under his belt, Andrew was in a good position to make an informed decision about the software he’d use to run his own practice when he opened Two By Two Veterinary Centre in 2017.

At the time, server-based systems were the de facto choice for most practices in the U.K. But that didn’t necessarily make them a good choice. Server-based practice management systems were clunky, difficult to maintain, and seldom updated. Above all, they were expensive, particularly for a new veterinary clinic trying to go head-to-head with the corporate practices in the area.

“At that point, server-based software would have cost me tens of thousands of pounds on day one just to get it up and running. ezyVet was much more affordable. It wasn’t even in the same league and so that was a big factor in our choice.”

In addition to cost efficiency, a big drawcard for Andrew was ezyVet’s scalability and ability to grow the practice - ideal for an aspiring practice owner with plans for future expansion.

“I had an eye on expansion from day one. Part of the plan was to have a couple of small satellite branches, and I was aware that ezyVet could scale, so [the system] would look the same across one small site as it does for one large hospital or maybe even multiple small branches. That was one of the main attractions of ezyVet.”

"ezyVet was much more affordable. It wasn’t even in the same league."

Dr. Andrew Monchar

Clinical Director, Two By Two Veterinary Centre

Intuitive design and attentive support

Learning to navigate a new practice management software can be tricky at the best of times, let alone when you’re also contending with the day-to-day challenges of opening a new business. But according to Michael Needs, Head Veterinary Nurse at Two by Two Veterinary Centre and recipient of the 2020 Clinical Coach Award of the Year, ezyVet’s intuitive design made it a breeze to get up to speed.

“Compared to some of the other software providers I’ve used, I found ezyVet quite simple. It's very intuitive in its design. There's no bouncing backward and forwards and wondering why something hasn't worked or hasn't been recorded. It does what it says on the tin. I felt pretty confident with it within the first week and that I could just crack on with what I needed to do,” says Michael.

Veterinary team performing a procedure

While using ezyVet might be second nature to Michael these days, he knows that support is just a phone call away if he ever does have a question about any of the new features that ezyVet rolls out on a bi-weekly basis.

“ezyVet’s very communicative. When an update comes through, it's very easy to read and very easy to understand. There's also a lot of training that’s provided virtually through the support team.”

IDEXX integrations simplify diagnostics processes

For Andrew, one of the key advantages of using ezyVet is being able to tap into the various integrations that add extra functionality to the software. The practice uses a range of these integrations, effectively creating a tailor-made solution to meet the unique needs of the business.

This has simplified many of the practice’s workflows - including how diagnostics are handled. In some of the veterinary clinics Andrew had worked at in the past, the lab equipment couldn’t communicate with the practice management software, meaning someone would physically have to type in blood sample results - a process that was labor-intensive and prone to user error. These issues are now a thing of the past thanks to ezyVet’s IDEXX integrations, which enable staff to send diagnostic requests, share results, and automatically capture charges without leaving ezyVet.

“ezyVet has completely gotten rid of that issue because it's integrated highly with IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, which is who we're using for our in-house and external analyzers,” Andrew explains. “When we send the diagnostic request through ezyVet, it’s sent automatically to our IDEXX VetLab Station. The techs run the sample - whether it’s blood or urine - and then the results are automatically dropped straight into the patient's file, along with a little memo that gets sent to the requesting vet.”

Automation reduces manual data entry

Close up of veterinarian in mask

ezyVet helps the Two by Two Veterinary Centre team save significant time on their administrative duties, allowing staff to spend more time serving patients and clients.

Take billing, for example. Formerly, the team would have to manually add products to an invoice, but with ezyVet, all billable products and services can be automatically captured, reducing the risk of lost charges.

“When we’re in a consultation, we’ll place an ordered number of milliliters of syrup or milliliters of an injection and ezyVet will calculate all of it for us. It applies a dispensing fee, prescription fee, or an injection fee automatically, so you never lose those charges and there's no option for people to withdraw those charges as well. It just automatically flows into the invoice and into the billing system.”

The same rings true when it comes to the practice’s accounting processes. Two by Two Veterinary Centre makes effective use of ezyVet’s integration with Xero to automate its accounting functions and drastically cut down on admin time.

“I've worked at practices where they would literally employ a person to manually type every transaction from their computer record into [the accounting program],” says Andrew. “Basically, they were doing the job twice and paying a salary for somebody to do that, and that was their entire job. With ezyVet, you just produce your invoice and, after a lockdown period, it automatically syncs with the accountancy software without any further intervention or monitoring.”

Scaling up with ezyVet

Two by Two Veterinary Centre is now looking at opening a second site. While expansion often comes with growing pains, Andrew anticipates that scaling up will be a relatively smoothly process, thanks to the infrastructure he’s developed with ezyVet.

“When we open up a second or even a third site, it will just be cookie cutter. We'll be able to transplant what we're doing in the main branch and use that same kind of ethos and setup in the others. There won't be any extra hours spent setting up product bundles and billing because it's already in the system.”

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"I definitely recommend ezyVet to other small clinics of two to nine users. I think that it's good value for money."

Dr. Andrew Monchar

Clinical Director, Two By Two Veterinary Centre