Following on from our ReviewTree partnership announcement and webinar on helping businesses cultivate happier customers and harvest praise, we wanted to showcase Penny Paws' experience with a Client Satisfaction & Management tool they recently adopted.

Penny Paws is a group of general practices with four brick and mortar clinics and 15 mobile clinic across Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas. As the Hospital Administrator, Kat Basye has a strong understanding of the importance of client feedback, good or bad, and places a large amount of emphasis and effort toward obtaining client reviews, with hundreds of reviews collected over the years.

Challenging feedback collection

The biggest challenge Penny Paws faced when managing client satisfaction surveys was that it was becoming increasing cumbersome to collect feedback as their company grew with more locations. Although Kat had a system to send out surveys, it still required a lot of manual work before the surveys were sent. Client contact lists had to first be downloaded from ezyVet and formatted on spreadsheets, an admin heavy task that only became more time consuming as client numbers grew. What Penny Paws needed was automation and for feedback surveys to be automatically sent to the client after their appointment. When the ReviewTree integration was ready for customer piloting, Kat jumped at the chance to trial this new tool for one of their locations.

Giving ReviewTree a go

With the integration connecting ezyVet to the ReviewTree platform, surveys are automatically sent to the client by SMS or email (depending on their communication preference marked in ezyVet) when the appointment status is marked as ‘Complete’ in ezyVet. All client ratings, feedback and results are collected in ReviewTree for easy tracking and management. Kat has opted to use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a Key Performance Indicator to track her clinic’s progress and a live calculation of this score sits on the ReviewTree dashboard.

As a plus, Kat found the ezyVet and ReviewTree integration set up process surprisingly hassle free. She found ReviewTree to be very responsive during her onboarding and accommodating to the adjustments she required to the surveys. After the set up was done and dusted, all she had to do was wait to be notified by SMS or email whenever a new client rating response came in.

“The word ‘simple’ doesn’t normally feature when setting up software integrations but I was pleasantly surprised at how little time it took [to set up]”.

Kat uses NPS as a gauge of the client's experience while at the clinic in addition to employee engagement. The two elements go hand in hand as their top priorities are client service and team culture. If either one is missing, both will be impacted and will have an effect on the NPS. Happy team members put heart and passion into what they do and clients are very astute to this.

“Happy engaged team = happy clients = happy pets”

Sharing the love

One of the biggest benefits Kat has experienced so far from the multitude of reviews is the morale boost it’s given to the Penny Paws team. During weekly team meetings, client feedback gets shared and great ones make it on their memo board. With recent changes made to regular procedures due to COVID-19, it has been an effective way to collect insights from clients who feel compelled to share their thoughts.

Furthermore, being able to set timings for when the survey is to be sent out, rather than a bulk send at the end of every couple of days, has allowed a more consistent and timely follow up with clients.

“It’s such a morale booster, especially now with everything that’s going on.”

Exceeding expectations

Kat came on board the trial with high expectations for the integration to perform. Over the course of two short months since the trial, Kat estimates a 50% increase in the number of client feedback collected through ReviewTree compared to their previous platform which they had been using for two years.

Kat has found the interface of the ReviewTree platform very easy to read, and the usability of ReviewTree’s platform extremely intuitive. An example is the ability to print reviews directly off the platform, removing the need to download and format and feedback like before

Another result for Kat was the discovery of the NPS, which she now finds an invaluable measurement of overall sentiment whilst clearly identifying happier clients from the less happy ones.

“I really don't think that NPS is talked about enough as being a KPI but I feel that it's a highly valuable metric.”

ezyVet’s ReviewTree integration has been instrumental in eliminating a large amount of legwork for Kat and creating efficiencies for Penny Paws to collect and manage feedback and reviews. Now that all other Penny Paws locations have been integrated with ReviewTree, Kat looks forward to tracking reviews for each branch individually, setting benchmarks and comparing progress between each clinic.

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