Going curbside was a major change for veterinary practices everywhere. While some practices made the switch with ease, many still struggle to nail down the payment portion of the checkout process. This is largely due to the fact that many veterinary practices still use old-school payment systems that require in-clinic interaction, adding stress to an already stressful situation. At the same time, client expectations on how they pay have changed forever, with online sale in the US increasing by 60% last year.*

ezyVet has added even more value to the PayJunction integration

Practices now have a secure way to facilitate online payments for their clients, making it as easy as online shopping.

Ease remote payments into your payment workflow:

  1. Make it easier for your clients to pay you from anywhere
    Enable your clients to pay their bill through a secure payment link generated by your staff within ezyVet. The unique link can be sent by SMS or email or accessed in their Customer Portal.

  2. Receive automatic payment and invoice reconciliation
    Eliminate the risk of human error with automatic updates from ‘Pending Payment’ to ‘Accepted Payment’ in the client record when the payment clears. No more waiting for the bank transfer to clear!

  3. Enhance the curbside and remote consult checkout experience
    Maintain a socially distant payment workflow with swift follow-up.

  4. Better Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
    Securely collect sensitive client credit card details without any manual input from your staff.

  5. Make it easy for regular clients to pay for future invoices
    Give your clients the option to securely store their payment details with you.
Remote Payments on client phone
Our staff just hopped right on board and their immediate feedback was, "Why haven't we done this sooner?"

Learn how Veterinary Specialty Service St Louis improved their exclusively curbside operations by receiving nearly 90% of their payments online.

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Ready to start using Remote Payments?

If you are a PayJunction customer, you can use this feature for free after setting it up as a payment method within your ezyVet site.

If you are not a PayJunction customer, get in touch to take advantage of: 

  1. Quick set up to begin processing remote payments in 48 hours
  2. No monthly fee, no setup costs and no hardware required

There will be no impact on your existing payment methods, just a new convenient way to let your clients pay their vet bill online! 

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*Source: Nielsen data