Your practice faces challenges every day. Practice revenue and profit are at risk, with practices losing out on $170,000 in annual revenue due to not charging all services rendered¹. Running a business has its operational challenges, with inventory being the second-largest expense in a practice, just behind labor cost². Client expectations are changing, with millennials and Gen Z now the primary pet-owning demographic. Plus, competition is growing - Chewy, Petco, and other online pharmacies market to your clients and threaten your practice revenue. In fact, 32% of all pet owners purchase prescriptions through alternate channels³.

That's why ezyVet partners with Vetsource® Home Delivery - so you get everything you need to sell medications and nutrition through an ePrescribing tool and your own online store, allowing you to grow revenue, increase compliance, and improve client satisfaction.

Plus, Vetsource integrates with ezyVet’s software. This allows Vetsource to automatically populate client and patient information in its Home Delivery platform, so you don’t have to manually type it in when using the ePrescribing tool. Clients will also find it easier to order medications from your online store because it can pre-populate key information about their pets.

Reasons you’ll love Vetsource

Improve Compliance
Clients adhere to therapies 2-5x more often when using AutoShip and RemindMe single-dose parasiticide program.

Grow Revenue
Practices boost revenue through healthy profit margins and competitive pricing. 

Satisfy Client Demands
Clients can shop from you 24/7 and save with hundreds of manufacturer rebates and discounts that don’t affect your profit.

    Unlock the power of Home Delivery

    • Clients are nearly 6x more likely to purchase online from you than from other retailers.
    • 76% of practices feel Home Delivery reduces the amount of work needed by staff to manage prescriptions.
    • 81% of pet owners say practices with Home Delivery understand their needs.
    • 90% of practices feel Home Delivery lets them be more full services for pet owners.

    "The Vetsource integration with ezyVet allows me and my staff to focus on quickly and efficiently recommending and approving medications without spending our precious time on registering clients and patients. 
    This saves us time on data entry so we can spend it on patient care." 
    Shawn Graves, Practice Manager, Paws Around Town Mobile Vet Hospital

    Get started

    • If you don’t already have a Vetsource account, simply make the request to set one up today.
    • Once you have signed up with Vetsource, login to your ezyVet account and get started here.