Simplify your controlled drug management with CUBEX

It goes without saying that effective inventory management is critical. Taking control of your inventory prevents stockouts, minimizes waste, reduces cost, and helps in optimizing purchasing decisions. It also facilitates compliance with regulations, particularly in the management of controlled substances.

That’s where CUBEX comes in. CUBEX provides controlled drug management solutions for veterinary practices of all sizes. CUBEX smart cabinets monitor inventory levels in real time and automatically create order requests when stock runs low, eliminating labor-intensive processes and ensuring essential supplies are always available.

CUBEX systems include secure storage with features like lockable compartments and biometric access control, limiting controlled drug access to authorized personnel. Detailed transaction logs track all movements of controlled substances, simplifying documentation and ensuring your practice is compliant with the relevant regulations.

CUBEX fully integrates with ezyVet to streamline your inventory management workflows. When a medication order is created in ezyVet, the order is automatically sent to the CUBEX cabinet where it is dispensed securely. Transactions completed at the cabinet flow through to the invoice in ezyVet, minimizing the risk of input errors and billing inaccuracies.

Ready to elevate your controlled drug management processes? Get in touch with CUBEX and ezyVet to learn more.